Parc de l'Étang

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The Parc de l'Étang (3 hectares) is a private park with botanical garden and arboretum located on rue des Longeots, Battrans, Haute-Saône, Franche-Comté, France. It is open by appointment daily except Sunday in the warmer months; an admission fee is charged.

The park was begun in 1971 with creation of a pond; the excavated soil was fashioned into surrounding berms, hills, and terraces. Most plantings were completed 1972-1973, although subsequent plantings have been required to repair windstorm and disease damage. In 2005 it was designated a Jardin Remarquable by the French Ministry of Culture. Today the park contains a landscaped arboretum containing nearly 350 varieties of trees and shrubs, set with gravel paths and walkways.

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Coordinates: 47°25′46″N 5°38′16″E / 47.4294°N 5.6378°E / 47.4294; 5.6378