Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

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Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
  • Jerusalem, Israel

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies (Hebrew: מכון פרדס לחינוך יהודי) is an open, co-ed and non-denominational institute of Jewish learning founded in 1972. It is located in Jerusalem's Talpiot neighborhood,[1] with programs worldwide. Students encounter and grapple with classic texts and traditions of Judaism, while exploring their relevance to today’s most pressing issues.


Rabbi Leon Morris is the President of Pardes. Dr. David I. Bernstein is the Dean. Many faculty members contribute to the weekly podcasts which Pardes produces through its online learning channel Elmad .[2] The podcasts can be listened to directly on Elmad or through Itunes, Stitcher or other podcast applications.


Pardes programs include:

  • The Pardes Year Program[3]
  • The Pardes 2 and 3-week Summer Programs[4]
  • The Pardes Community Education Program[5]
  • The Pardes Center for Jewish Educators[6]
  • The Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution[7]
  • The Pardes Executive Learning Seminar[8]
  • The Pardes Kollel[9]
  • Other Pardes Programs[10]


Pardes partners include:

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