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Location of Pardubice in the Czech Republic
Front view of station building
Passenger hall
Platforms as seen from the west

Pardubice main railway station (Czech Pardubice hlavní nádraží) is one of the largest railway stations in the Czech Republic, located about 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) WSW from city centre of Pardubice, an important railway network hub.


The complete name of the station in Czech is Uzlová železniční stanice Pardubice, hlavní nádraží, translating to "Pardubice railway junction, main station".


Work on the railway connecting Prague and Olomouc started in 1842 and the line was finished in 1845. The construction was led by Jan Perner. A small railway station was opened on the same year, with four tracks, a roundhouse (výtopna) for eight steam locomotives and passenger hall covering two tracks. The building still exists and is used by the railway operator.

A line between Liberec and Pardubice was built during 1855–1859. In 1859, a new railway station was opened and used for both lines. A line between Pardubice and Německý Brod (now Havlíčkův Brod) was built during 1869–1871. Access to the railway turned a small town into a large industrial city.

In 1908, the station building was coupled with a glass hall over two tracks. In 1910, a locomotive repair shop was set up; it was rebuilt in 1924.

Factories in the city built industrial sidings to the main station: 37 lines had been constructed in 1908 and new ones were added after the war. Since the 1960s, this number dropped to 19 in 2000, and even these are not fully utilized.[1]

Pardubice, a city with large petrochemical factories, was bombed several times during World War II. An air raid on 24 August 1944 damaged the station. All lines were shattered and the passenger hall was destroyed. After the war, repairs started and in October 1945 traffic was restored.

New station[edit]

Architects Karel Řepa and Josef Danda started to work on the new station in 1947. Their design was a single floor large passenger hall with complete infrastructure connected to a seven story administrative building. During 1951–1960, a block of flats was added to the complex. The new station was opened on May 1, 1958.

Since 1956 the lines in Pardubice have been electrified and work on improving them still continues. Work on the international railway corridor from Děčín to Břeclav (part of a Pan-European corridor) going through Pardubice had started in 1993 and was largely completed by 2004.

The station today[edit]

The main railway station, operated by České dráhy, is an important hub for both passenger and freight traffic. The station has connections to Prague, Brno, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and other cities and is served by InterCity, EuroCity, Pendolino and local trains. In station operates also LEO Express with comfortable trains to Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava and Košice and RegioJet.

After decades of use, the passenger hall became a rather dingy place where homeless people concentrate. Reconstruction of stations in Pardubice and in neighbouring Hradec Králové is planned as of 2005 with intent to make them more attractive to the public.

Small railway stations in Svítkov and Rosice nad Labem, districts of Pardubice, handle local traffic. A Railway museum in Rosice nad Labem, opened in 2005, documenting the history of railways in the region.

Provided services[edit]

(as of 2006)

  • customer centre of České dráhy
  • restaurant, wine shop and several fast food stalls
  • bookstore
  • hotel in station hall [1]
  • movie theatre in station hall [2]
  • lounge for 1st class passengers

Connection with other transport[edit]

The central bus station of the city lies a short walk away. There is a taxi stand and a city bus stop in front of the station hall.

A direct line to Pardubice Airport [3] exists as well as a direct bus connection. A spur to Labe (Elbe) river port will be built in the future.


Preceding station   České dráhy   Following station
toward Prague
EN Slovakia
  Olomouc hl.n.
toward Košice
Praha hl.n.
toward Berlin
EN Metropol
  Brno hl.n.
toward Budapest
toward Graz
Praha hl.n. or Kolín   Railjet
Praha hl.n.
toward Františkovy Lázně
or terminus
  SuperCity Pendolino   Olomouc hl.n.
toward Ostrava
toward Prague
  EuroCity   Česká Třebová
toward Brno or Olomouc
toward Prague
  Regional fast trains   Choceň
toward Brno or Olomouc
occasional terminus
Pardubice-Rosice nad Labem
toward Liberec or Havlíčkův Brod
  Regional fast trains   Terminus
Pardubice-Rosice nad Labem
toward Hradec Králové or Havlíčkův Brod
  Stopping trains   Terminus
Terminus   Stopping trains   Pardubice-Pardubičky
toward Česká Třebová or Letohrad
Preceding station   Esko Prague   Following station
S1 Terminus
Preceding station   Leo Express   Following station
Praha hl.n.
  Leo Express   Olomouc hl.n.
toward Bohumín
Preceding station   RegioJet   Following station
Praha hl.n.
  IC RegioJet   Olomouc hl.n.
toward Havířov

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