Pare Mountains

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North Pare Mountains

The Pare Mountains are a mountain range in north eastern Tanzania, north west of the Usambara Mountains. There are two mountain ranges - North and South Pare ranges, which rise to 2,463 m at Shengena Peak. They form part of the Eastern Arc of mountains. The Pare people live in the area.

The Pare Mountains are accessible by 4WD, but there are few roads in the South Pares. Species in the Pare mountains include the endemic South Pare white-eye (Zosterops winifredae), mountain buzzard (Buteo oreophilus), olive woodpecker (Mesopicos griseocephalus), moustached tinkerbird (Pogoniulus leucomystax) and the African hill babbler (Pseudoalcippe abyssinica).

During its German occupation, the area around Neu-Hornow (modern Shume) was used for lumber exports along the Usambara Railway.

Coordinates: 4°00′S 37°45′E / 4.000°S 37.750°E / -4.000; 37.750