Pare Mountains

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North Pare Mountains

The Pare Mountains are a mountain range in northeastern Tanzania, north west of the Usambara Mountains. Administratively, the mountains are a part of Kilimanjaro Region. There are two mountain ranges - North and South Pare ranges, which rise to 2,463 m at Shengena Peak. They form part of the Eastern Arc of mountains. The Pare people live in the area.[1]

The Pare Mountains are accessible by 4WD, but there are few roads in the South Pares. Species in the Pare mountains include the endemic South Pare white-eye (Zosterops winifredae), mountain buzzard (Buteo oreophilus), olive woodpecker (Mesopicos griseocephalus), moustached tinkerbird (Pogoniulus leucomystax) and the African hill babbler (Pseudoalcippe abyssinica).

During its German occupation, the area around Neu-Hornow (modern Shume) was used for lumber exports along the Usambara Railway.


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Coordinates: 4°00′S 37°45′E / 4.000°S 37.750°E / -4.000; 37.750