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Parekhi Monastery
პარეხის მონასტერი
Two main churches of the Parekhi Monastery
Basic information
Location Province of Artvin, Northeast Turkey (historic Georgian principality of Klarjeti)
Country Turkey
Architectural description
Architectural type Monastery, Church
Completed ninth century

Parekhi (Georgian: პარეხი or პარეხთა) is a Georgian medieval Orthodox monastery in historical Medieval Georgian Kingdom of Klarjeti (modern-day Artvin Province of Turkey).

The monastery is an illustration of the activity of St. Gregory's followers. Founded in 840s as a hermitage, it soon turned into a coenobium. Monastic buildings are sheltered by a horizontal ledge and form an organic whole with the surrounding landscape. Two ninth-century churches, a single-nave structure and a basilica, stand in the middle of the monastery next to each other.[1]


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Coordinates: 41°15′07″N 41°59′24″E / 41.25194°N 41.99000°E / 41.25194; 41.99000