Parenti, Calabria

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Comune di Parenti
Location of Parenti
Parenti is located in Italy
Location of Parenti in Italy
Parenti is located in Calabria
Parenti (Calabria)
Coordinates: 39°9′45″N 16°24′40″E / 39.16250°N 16.41111°E / 39.16250; 16.41111Coordinates: 39°9′45″N 16°24′40″E / 39.16250°N 16.41111°E / 39.16250; 16.41111
ProvinceCosenza (CS)
 • Total37 km2 (14 sq mi)
 • Total2,330
 • Density63/km2 (160/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Dialing code0984
WebsiteOfficial website

Parenti (Calabrian: Li Pariènti) is a town and comune of the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is a small agricultural center of about 2,330 people on the Valley of the Savuto River. It is situated in vegetation of chestnut trees and oaks, and on the feet of the Brutto mount and on the left of the Savuto.

The territory has an extension of 37,62 km2 and it is set to an altitude of 850 meters over the level of the sea. It confines with the communes of Aprigliano, Bianchi, Colosimi, Marzi and Rogliano in the province of Cosenza and Taverna in the Valley of the Savuto in the province of Catanzaro[1]



The origins of Parenti, begins at the end of the 17th century, when it was a stable belonging to Bagliva of Casali of the Manco of Cosenza under the jurisdiction of Giuseppe Sambiase. The stable one of Parenti, constituted to a large extent from terrestrial planted with trees and only in least part from sowed, where the agricultural houses, mills and churches rose, were the ownership of Luigi Ricciulli del Fosso as good burgensatic, or rather a good on which he practiced the free and full land ownership that was not subject to some public or private burden.[2]

On February 27, 1709, he made an application to the king of Spain so that its private land ownership was transformed from well burgensatic in feud with all the attached privileges to the vassals. The baron Luigi died September 28, 1772 and was buried in Parenti; his child Gaetano, a guardian, predeced him. The baron was the last of the vassals of Parenti in how much in the 1811 Parenti was declared Commune of the Province of Cosenza, District of Rogliano.

With Regal Decree of January 15, 1928, the 1° March of the same year made executive, Parenti became fraction of Rogliano and as such him then Podestà of Rogliano, Charles Iorio, on March 19 of 1929 the distance and the difficulties of the means of communication, founded in the fraction of Parenti an office detached of is civil. A few years later, exactly January 29, 1934, Parenti is declared autonomous Common Area with decree n° 735.

Don Mario Vizza is the parish priest.[3]


The territory of Parenti is crossed by the river Savuto and from the stream Cannavina. The highest points are:

Brutto Mount (m 1.267).

Hill Pietralba (m 1.455).

Cross of Cannavina (m 1.025).

Mount Calzetta (m 1.046).

The forest surface is equal to hectares 2.019 and the most representative vegetation is constituted by the compact Mediterranean stain that then it does him tall, with dense bushes, alternated from the woods of seculars chestnut trees, and a to alternate of oaks caducifoglies.

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