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A serving of beef pares

The term Pares commonly refers to Beef Pares, a braised beef meal served with rice and a bowl of soup that originates from the Philippines. It is particularly associated there with small neighborhood restaurants, called a karinderya, which specialize in economical meals for local residents. [1]

Pares can also refer to any dish, commonly dishes cooked "asado-style" (i.e. in a sweet-soy sauce), served in the same manner.


The word Pares means "pairs" and comes from the usual practice of serving the meal with garlic fried rice and a light beef broth soup. "Pares" is pronounced "pah-res."


Beef Pares, or Pares as it is commonly known, is a meal that consist of beef asado (sweet-soy beef stew), garlic fried rice and a bowl of beef broth soup. The soup may include broth from the initial cooking of the meat before the sauce ingredients are added. Additional garlic, ginger and onion may be added to deepen the flavor of the soup. A garnish of chopped green onion is often added to the dish before serving. Steamed rice is sometimes served instead of fried rice, depending on personal preference. Some Filipino restaurants also offer the option of noodles instead of rice as an accompaniment to this dish.[1]