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Candi Pari
Candi Pari 1.jpg
Pari temple building
General information
Architectural styleCandi
Town or citySidoarjo, East Java.
Coordinates7°30′57″S 112°41′00″E / 7.51583°S 112.68333°E / -7.51583; 112.68333Coordinates: 7°30′57″S 112°41′00″E / 7.51583°S 112.68333°E / -7.51583; 112.68333
Technical details
Size13.55 x 13.40 x 13.80 m

Pari temple (Indonesian: Candi Pari) is a 14th-century Hindu candi (temple) located approximately 2 kilometers northwest from Sidoarjo mud flow. This red brick structure is located in Candi Pari village, Porong subdistrict, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java Indonesia.[1]

On top of the gate, there is a carved stone inscription with date 1293 Saka or corresponds to 1371 CE, dated from Majapahit period during the reign Hayam Wuruk (r. 1350-1389).[2]

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