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Paryaqaqa / Tullujuto
Mount Pariacaca
Highest point
Elevation5,750 m (18,860 ft) [1]
Coordinates11°59′30″S 75°59′30″W / 11.99167°S 75.99167°W / -11.99167; -75.99167Coordinates: 11°59′30″S 75°59′30″W / 11.99167°S 75.99167°W / -11.99167; -75.99167
Pariacaca is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Lima Region, Junín Region
Parent rangeAndes, Paryaqaqa
First ascent1938, Pariacaca S, T. Dodge
1936, Pariacaca N, T. Dodge

Pariacaca,[1][2] Paria Caca,[3] Paryaqaqa,[4] Parya Qaqa,[3][5] (possibly from Quechua parya reddish; copper; sparrow, qaqa rock)[2][6][7] or Tullujuto[8] (possibly from Quechua tullu bone, qutu heap, "bone heap") is the highest mountain in the Pariacaca mountain range (or Huarochirí mountain range)[8] in the Andes of Peru, with a summit elevation of 5,751 metres (18,868 ft) above sea level.[1][8] It is situated on the border of the regions of Junín and Lima, southeast of Colquepucro and Corihuasi. In ancient times it was considered a sacred mountain.[5]

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