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This article is about the sweet pastry. For the cycle race after which it is named, see Paris–Brest–Paris.
Paris-Brest IMG 0875.JPG
Type Pastry
Course Dessert
Place of origin France
Main ingredients Choux pastry, praline cream
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A Paris–Brest is a French dessert, made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream.

'Paris Brest' pastry variation by Philippe Conticini
A Paris–Brest sold in Japan, albeit a rather simple one


The pastry was created in 1910 to commemorate the Paris–Brest–Paris bicycle race begun in 1891.[1] Its circular shape is representative of a wheel. It became popular with riders on the Paris–Brest cycle race, partly because of its energizing high caloric value, and is now found in pâtisseries all over France. Alan Richman of GQ magazine named the Paris–Brest pastry at the Balsan restaurant of the Elysian Hotel (now Waldorf Astoria Chicago), Chicago the best dessert in the U.S. for 2010.[2]

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