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Paris Presse
TypeDaily newspaper
Ceased publication1970

Paris-Presse is a former French newspaper published in Paris, which appeared from 1944 to 1970.

It was created by Philippe Barres (1896-1975), with Ève Curie (1904-2007), daughter of Marie Curie. They ran the newspaper until 1949.[1]


The first issue appeared on 13 November 1944. It stood in second place behind France Soir.

In 1948, it became the Paris-Presse-Intransigeant.[2]

In 1948, Gaston Bonheur became its editor.

In 1951, suffering from competition with France Soir, it turned under the leadership of Max Corre.

In 1965, it was no longer an edition of France Soir. It saw many of its writers from (Gilbert Guilleminault L'Aurore, as Philippe Bernert, Anne Manson ...) then it was absorbed by France Soir.


The Journalists Worked for Paris-Presse: Marcel Haedrich (1913-2003), Guilleminault Gilbert (1914-1990), Albert Ollivier (1915-1964), Pierre Desgraupes (1918-1993), Jean Lartéguy (1920-2011), Maurice Bernardet (1921-2008), Marcel Giuglaris (1922-2010), Pierre Rey (1930), Bernard Michal (1932), Kléber Haedens (1954), Gérard de Villiers, Jean Vermorel (1935) ...


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