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The Concours Pieces was the most highly regarded flute contest in Paris in the (musical) Romantic Period. In the 19th and 20th Centuries, Paris was home to the World’s Cultural Elite. At this time the Paris Conservatoire was considered to be the finest institute in France for music studies. Paul Taffanel was a professor at this Conservatoire, as well as the founder of the modern French school of flute playing. Starting from 1860, at the end of each year students took part in a flute performance competition known as the Concours Pieces (Concours meaning 'contest'). A piece of flute music was commissioned by Paul Taffanel to be performed at the Concours Pieces each year. Students would play this piece of repertoire before a panel of experts. This is why a dedication to Paul Taffanel appears on many of the following pieces of sheet music.

1824 B. Berbiguier 5th Concertino
1832 Tulou Solo
1835 Tulou Solo
1837 Tulou Solo
1838 Tulou Grand Solo
1839 Tulou Grand Concerto
1840 Tulou 6th Grand Solo
1841 Tulou Concerto
1842 Tulou Grand Solo
1843 Tulou Solo
1844 Tulou 10th Solo
1845 Tulou 11th Solo
1846 Tulou 12th Solo
1847 Tulou 13th Solo
1848 Tulou Solo
1849 Tulou 14th Solo
1850 Tulou 13th Solo
1851 Tulou Fantaisie op.99
1852 Tulou 11th Solo
1853 Tulou Fantaisie on Marco Spada
1854 Tulou 13th Solo
1855 Tulou 12th Solo
1856 Tulou Fantaisie
1857 Tulou 13th Solo
1858 Tulou Plaisir d'Amour op.107
1859 Tulou 15th Solo
1860 Tulou 5th Concerto
1861 H. Altès Solo
1862 Lindpaintner Grand Concerto Pathétique (excerpt)
1863 Tulou 3rd Grand Solo
1864 Dorus Concertino de C.G.Reisigger (excerpt)
1865 Th. Boehm Fantaisie sur des airs écossais
1866 Tulou 4th Concertino
1867 Briccialdi Concertino
1868 Tulou 13th Concerto
1869 Tulou 12th Solo
1870 H. Altès 2nd Solo
1872 Tulou 1st Solo
1873 H. Altès 6th Solo
1874 H. Altès 3rd Solo in A
1875 H. Altès 4th Solo in A
1876 Tulou 2nd Solo in G
1877 Tulou 3rd Solo in D
1878 H. Altès 1st Solo
1879 Tulou 5th Solo
1880 H. Altès 5th Solo
1881 Tulou 8th Solo
1882 H. Altès 7th Solo
1883 Tulou 4th Solo
1884 H. Altès 8th Solo
1885 Tulou 5th Solo
1886 H. Altès 9th Solo
1887 J. Demersseman 1st Solo
1888 H. Altès 10th Solo
1889 Tulou 11th Solo
1890 Tulou 3rd Solo
1891 J. Demersseman 2nd Solo
1893 H. Altès 8th Solo in a minor
1894 Langer Concerto in g minor
1895 J. Andersen Morceau de Concert
1896 J. Demersseman 6th Solo in F
1897 J. Andersen 2nd Solo de Concert in g minor
1898 G. Fauré Fantaisie
1899 A. Duvernoy Concertino
1900 J. Demersseman 6th solo
1901 L. Ganne Andante and Scherzo
1902 C. Chaminade Concertino
1903 A. Perilhou Ballade in g minor
1904 G. Enesco Cantabile and Presto
1905 L. Ganne Andante and Scherzo
1906 Ph. Gaubert Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando

Claude-Paul Taffanel's composition for the 1907 concours. Performed by Alex Murray (flute) and Martha Goldstein (piano)

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1907 P. Taffanel Andante Pastoral and Scherzettino
1908 H. Busser Prelude and Scherzo
1909 J. Mouquet Eglogue
1910 A. Perilhou Ballade in g minor
1911 A. Georges A la Kasbah!
1912 L. Moreau Dans la Forêt Enchantée
1913 G. Hue Fantaisie
1914 A. Casella Sicilienne and Burlesque
1915 H. Busser Sicilienne
1916 G. Fauré Fantaisie
1917 A. Bachelet Promenade and Danse Nocturne
1918 Mozart Concerto in D, 1st mvt with Taffanel cadenza
1919 H. Busser Thème varié
1920 Ph. Gaubert Fantaisie
1921 G. Enesco Cantabile and Presto
1922 L. Aubert Introduction and Allegro
1923 Ph. Gaubert Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando
1924 M. Delmas Incantation and Danse
1925 G. Fauré Fantaisie
1926 M. d'Ollone Solo de concours
1927 G. Grovlez Romance and Scherzo
1928 Ph. Gaubert Ballade
1929 Mozart Concerto in D, 1st mvt with Taffanel cadenza
1930 Langer Concerto
1931 J. Mazellier Divertissement pastoral
1932 Ph. Gaubert Fantaisie
1933 H. Busser Andaluccia
1934 J. Ibert Concerto (finale)
1935 Mozart Concerto in G with Taffanel cadenza
1936 M. Le Boucher Ode à Marsyas
1937 H. Busser Prélude and Scherzo
1938 Mozart Concerto in D with Taffanel cadenza
1939 L. Ganne Andante and Scherzo
1940 G. Enesco Cantabile and Presto
1941 Ph. Gaubert Fantaisie
1942 E. Bozza Agrestide
1943 H. Dutilleux Sonatina
1944 A. Jolivet Chant de Linos
1945 H. Tomasi Concertino in E
1946 P. Sancan Sonatina
1947 H. Martelli Concertstück
1948 F.J. Brun Andante and Scherzo
1949 E. Passani Concerto
1950 A. Pépin Impromptu
1951 A. Szalowski Concertino
1952 O. Messiaen Le Merle Noir
1953 J. Dupont Aulos
1954 J. Rueff Dityque
1955 R. Boutry Concertino
1956 R. Gallois-Montbrun Divertissement
1957 F.J. Brun Pastorale d'Arcadie
1958 N. Gallon Improvisation and Ronde (with cadenza)
1959 M. Poot Légende
1960 R. Casadesus Fantaisie
"""" A. Roussel Pan (from "Joueurs de Flûte")
1961 L. Cortese Introduction and Allegro
1962 Ch. Chaynes Variations on a Tanka
1963 P. Petit Petite Suite
1964 T. Aubin Concertino dell'Amicizia
1965 G. Hugon Sonata (Larghetto and Final)
1966 C. Pascal Sonate brève in 2 movements
1967 J. Hubeau Idylle
1968 G. Keller Chant de Parthenope
1969 J. Bondon Mouvement Chorégraphique
1970 Mozart Concerto in G (1st mvt without cadenza)
"""" M. Merlet Chaconne
1971 Mozart Andante in C
"""" M. Constant Pour flû:te et un instrument
"""" Mozart Rondo in D
1972 J.S. Bach Partita in a minor (mvts 2, 3, 4)
"""" J. Charpentier Esquisse
1973 Mozart Concerto in G (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" A. Bernaud Cantate and Danse
1974 Mozart Concerto in D (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" Th. Brenet Pantomime
1975 N. Paganini 20th Caprice
"""" I. Pleyel Concerto in C (1st mvt)
"""" M. Rateau Dialogue with the bird
1976 Mozart Concerto in G (1st mvt)
"""" S. Nigg Pièce pour flûte
"""" N. Paganini 21st Caprice in A
1977 J. Andersen Etude de concert op.15 #3
"""" F. Devienne Concerto #7 in e minor (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" B. Jolas Episode second: Ohne Worte
1978 J.S.Bach Partita in a minor (mvts 3 and 4)
"""" S. Prokofiev Sonata in D
"""" M. Constant 9 pieces for flute
1979 B. Romberg Concerto op.30 (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" P. Petit Quinze
1980 Mozart Andante and rondo K.315 (with Rampal cadenza)
"""" J. Casterède Ciels
1981 J.S.Bach Sonata in e minor

"""" N. Paganini 7th Caprice
"""" G. Delerue Dyptique
1982 F. Devienne Concerto #7 in e minor (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" J.M. Defaye Contrastes
1983 A. Vivaldi Concerto in c minor op.44 #19 (mvts 1 and 2)
"""" E. Kohler Etude #4 op.75
"""" M. Bleuse Plains-chants #1,3,5.
1984 Mozart Concerto in G (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" P. Ancelin Daphné
1985 P. Boulez Sonatina
"""" Mozart Concerto in D (with cadenza)
1986 J.S.Bach Sonata in e minor
"""" R. François Récit
1987 C. Debussy Syrinx
"""" P. Boulez Transitoire VII
"""" J.S.Bach Sonata in e minor
1988 Mozart Concerto in G (mvts 2 and 3)
"""" I. Nodaira La nuit sera blanche et noire
1989 O. Messiaen Le merle noir
"""" Mozart Andante in C
"""" """" Rondo in D
1990 T. Takemitsu Voice
"""" J.S.Bach Sonata in e minor
1991 E. Denisov Sonata for flute
"""" C.P.E.Bach Concerto in G (mvts 1 and 2)
1992 S. Bortoli Filigrane
"""" Mozart Concerto in D (mvts 1 and 2)
1993 Mozart Concerto in G (mvts 1 and 2)
"""" C. Halffter Debla
1994 C. Reinecke Concerto
"""" G. Amy Three studies for flute
1995 F. Schubert Variations on Trockne Blumen
1996 F. Doppler Variations on Valachian Airs

"""" G. Reibel Eoliennes for C flute and piano
1997 Mozart Concerto in D (with free cadenzas)
"""" M. Reverdy Am stram gram
1998 Devienne Concerto #7 in E minor (2nd mvt)
"""" L. Berio Sequenza
1999 J.S.Bach Sonata #6 in E minor
"""" G. Amy Three Etudes
2000 J.S.Bach Sonata in A or Sonata in B minor
"""" Isang Yun Garak
2001 No award in flute
2002 P. Hindemith Sonata
"""" F. Tanada "F"