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Paris Dauphine University
Université Paris-Dauphine
Dauphine logo 2019 - Bleu.png
TypeCollege, Grande école, Grand établissement (EPSCP)
Parent institution
PSL University
Budget€115 million (2016)
PresidentEl Mouhoub Mouhoud
Administrative staff
AffiliationsConférence des grandes écoles, Couperin consortium,[1] EQUIS

Paris Dauphine University - PSL (French: Université Paris-Dauphine, also known as Paris Dauphine - PSL or Dauphine - PSL) is a public research university based in Paris, France. It is the only institution of higher education being both a grande école and a university.[2] Dauphine is one of the founding members and constituent college of PSL University.[3]

Dauphine is renowned for its teaching in finance, economics, mathematics, law and business strategy.[4] Dauphine is a selective university with the status of "Grand Etablissement"; this unique legal status within the French higher education system allows Dauphine to make an entrance selection of its students.[5] On average, 90 to 95% of the accepted students received either high distinctions or the highest distinctions at their French High School National Exam results (Examen National du Baccalauréat).[6]

Dauphine is also a founding member and now a constituent college of PSL University; it ranks 1st in France and in the top 50 worldwide.[7][8][9][10] It also belongs to the Conférence des Grandes écoles.


Founded in 1968, Dauphine is specialized in the organization and decision sciences: Management, Economics, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Applied Mathematics, Management Information Systems and Languages.

In 2009, Université Paris-Dauphine obtained the EQUIS accreditation (European Quality for Improvement System) awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development.

In 2011, Université Paris-Dauphine became officially recognized as one of the 16 partners and co-founders of Paris Sciences et Lettres.

Dauphine University in Paris, housed in the Palais de l'Otan, the former NATO headquarters designed by Jacques Carlu

International relations[edit]

Dauphine's international relations cover:

  • Paris Dauphine University - PSL is also present in Tunisia, in London and in Madrid.
  • 180 agreements with more than 40 countries, including the Australian National University, New York University in the US, the University of Toronto and McGill in Canada, LSE and UCL in the UK, the University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, National Chengchi University in Taiwan, Bocconi University and Bologna University in Italy and Humboldt-Universitat-zu Berlin in Germany.
  • 6 joint diplomas with three universities:
  • 24.9% international students enrolled in various programmes or diplomas in 2004/2005, including several students from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Some notable professors of Dauphine - PSL include Professor Pierre-Louis Lions (Fields Medal in 1994), and Professor Witold Litwin (inventor of linear hashing and fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery in France).


The University Paris IX Dauphine is one of the very few universities allowed to legally practice the selection at the entrance of students in France. The legal vagueness related to this "status" as an experimental university allowed it to select students on the bac. This situation led to the transition to the status of Grands établissements in 2004. On the other hand, there has always been a form of selection at the entrance to the 2nd cycle (graduate) for the Masters.

There is no admission bar as such at Paris-Dauphine University, since many criteria are taken into account in the evaluation of a bachelor's degree. However, 94.4% of those admitted in the first year of bachelor in June 2013 had obtained a good or very good honors degree.

67% of its students achieved "Very good" (distinction – summa cum laude) in the General Baccalaureate. Regarding Dauphine's most sought-after master's degrees, the admission rate is 3%.

Student associations[edit]

Dauphine - PSL has a wide range of student associations in many fields. Among them are :

  • Channel 9, the audiovisual society
  • Dauphine Discussion Débat, the political society
  • Do's Musical, the musical society
  • Ridau – Théâtre à Dauphine, the theater society
  • Club Photo Dauphine, the photo society
  • L'Oreille de Dauphine, association organizing music festivals
  • Bureau Des Arts, the art student union
  • Le Forum, a student initiative syndicate
  • Cheer Up, association helping children fight against cancer
  • Urbaine Dauphine, a student initiative promoting the urban culture
  • Spi Dauphine organizing a regatta in Mediterranean sea
  • Dauphine MUN, the Model United Nations society[11]
  • AIESEC Dauphine, the local committee of AIESEC


National rankings

International rankings

  • 2020: As a part of Université PSL, Dauphine is ranked 36th-best university in the world according to the Shanghai ranking[16]
  • 2019: As a part of Université PSL, Dauphine is ranked 4th-best young university in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings[17]
  • 2019: As a part of Université PSL, Dauphine is ranked 41st-best university in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings[18]
  • 2018: 33rd-best master's degree in Management in the world according to QS Ranking[19]
  • 2017: As a part of Université PSL, Dauphine is ranked 72nd-best university in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 32nd in the "reputation" category[20]
  • 2014: 36th-best university in the world for producing millionnaires[21]
  • 2013: 23rd-best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[22]
  • 2012: 18th-best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[23]
  • 2011: 18th-best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[24]
  • 2010: 97th/1,000 business schools of the world according to eduniversal ranking[25]
  • 2008: 64th university in the world according to the Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris ranking


Main campus of Paris-Dauphine University in Paris

Honorary degree[edit]

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