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University of Paris 7
Université Paris 7
Active1970; 54 years ago (1970)–2019; 5 years ago (2019)
ChancellorMaurice Quénet
Chancellor of the Universities of Paris
PresidentChristine Clerici

48°49′47″N 2°22′51″E / 48.829722°N 2.380833°E / 48.829722; 2.380833

Paris Diderot University, also known as Paris 7 (French: Université Paris Diderot), was a French university located in Paris, France. It was one of the inheritors of the historic University of Paris, which was split into 13 universities in 1970. Paris Diderot merged with Paris Descartes University in 2019 to form the University of Paris, which was later renamed Paris Cité University.

With two Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields Medal winners and two former French Ministers of Education among its faculty or former faculty, the university was famous for its teaching in science, especially in mathematics.[1] Many fundamental results of the theory of probability were discovered at one of its research centres, the Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires (Laboratory of Probability and Random Models).[2]


Paris Diderot University was one of the heirs of the old University of Paris, which ceased to exist in 1970. Professors from the faculties of Science, of Medicine and of Humanities chose then to create a new multidisciplinary university. It adopted its current name in 1994 after the 18th-century French philosopher, art critic and writer Denis Diderot.

Formerly based at the Jussieu Campus, in the 5th arrondissement, the university moved to a new campus in the 13th arrondissement, in the Paris Rive Gauche neighbourhood. The first buildings were brought into use in 2006. The university had many facilities in Paris and two in other places of the general area. In 2012, the university completed its move in its new ultramodern campus.

Paris Diderot University was a founding member of the higher education and research alliance Sorbonne Paris Cité, a public institution for scientific co-operation, bringing together four renowned Parisian universities and four higher education and research institutes.[3]

The university became a member of the Sorbonne Paris University Group on March 31, 2010. It merged with the Paris Descartes University in 2019, gaining its new appellation, the University of Paris.

List of facilities in Paris[edit]

"Grands Moulins de Paris" in PRG
Condorcet building, headquarters of the Department of Physics

There are:[4]

UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche)[edit]

Paris Diderot University offers courses in many fields, each taught in a different sections of the university called UFR - Unité de Formation et de Recherche (Unity of Teaching and Research).[5]

  • UFR of Life Sciences
  • UFR of Chemistry
  • UFR of Computer Sciences
  • UFR of Mathematics
  • UFR of Physics
  • UFR of Science of the Earth, Environment and Planets
  • UFR of English studies
  • UFR of Cross-cultural and Applied Languages studies
  • UFR of Geography, History and Social sciences
  • UFR of Languages and Cultures in East Asia studies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese)
  • UFR of Letters, Art and Cinema
  • UFR of Linguistics
  • UFR of Psychoanalytical Studies (formerly Human clinical sciences)
  • UFR of Social Sciences
  • UFR of Medicine
  • UFR of Odontology

Academic degrees[edit]

There are:

Teachers and former teachers[edit]

Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoot, professor of the university


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