Paris Dupree

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Paris Dupree
Died(2011-08-00)August , 2011[1]
New York, New York, U.S.
Occupationdrag performer
Notable work
Paris Is Burning

Paris Dupree (also stylized as Paris Duprée or Paris DuPree) (1950 – August 2011) was an American drag performer and documentary participant featured in Jennie Livingston's 1990 documentary, Paris is Burning, which was named after Dupree's annual ball.[2]


Paris was the founding member and mother of the legendary House of Dupree, which mobilized young, urban gays to express themselves in ways that mainstream America could not quite understand.[3] In 1990 Dupree was featured in Jennie Livingston's documentary film, Paris is Burning; remembered for her line "That's right! I said it! Butch queen! Boy in the day, girl at night".[4]


In one of the myths surrounding the origin of vogue, Paris is credited as the originator or one of the pioneers of the dance form, and it was because of her that the art form is called vogue.[5][6] It is reported when she attended an after hours nightclub called Footsteps on 2nd Avenue and 14th Street, some gay Black men were throwing shade at each other. Paris who had a copy of Vogue Magazine in her bag took out the magazine and started dancing then suddenly stopped, posing to the beat of the music imitating the models' poses. That provocation was returned in kind by the other Black gay men in the club. What followed next was a dancing and posing competition to the beat of the music. The name vogue is in reference to the magazine Paris was carrying in her bag that night.[5][6] According to Kevin Ultra Omni (founder of the Legendary House of Omni):

It was also during the House of Dupree's first ball in 1981 that the categories were really there,[5] thereby making Paris the inventor of the competition categories.[6] This legacy is still continued to this day (with additions) as a result of the first Dupree ball in 1981.[5][6]

Her 1988 ball was held at Club Zanzibar.


Paris died in August 2011 in New York City.[1][8] She was sixty-one years old.[9][10]

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