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Paris Independent Film Festival
LocationParis, France
WebsiteOfficial Website

The Paris Independent Film Festival is an annual film festival showcasing international independent films that takes place in Paris, France. It features a competition and awards films in various categories.[1] It has a special emphasis on films that have no distribution yet,[2] but also screens other films out of competition.[3]


The festival was founded in 2015 and takes place at the Reflet Médicis theatre in Paris.[4] It showcases short and feature films of any genre,[5] from narrative to documentary.[6] An international jury selects and awards the presented films.[7] The festival showcases previews, world premieres as well as films that already screened at other festivals.[8] Many filmmakers attend the screenings of their films, and past attendants included Alexis Krasilovsky and Ira Schneider.

Notable films in competition[edit]


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