Paris Institute of Comparative Law

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Paris Institute of Comparative Law
Institut de droit comparé de Paris
Paris Institute of Comparative Law logo.png
Established 1931
Director Louis Vogel
Location Paris, France
Affiliations Panthéon-Assas University

The Paris Institute of Comparative Law (French: Institut de droit comparé de Paris, commonly referred to as "IDC") is a public institution of research and higher education which was founded in 1931 by Henri Capitant and Henri Lévy-Ullmann.[1] It is now affiliated to Panthéon-Assas University.


The Institute administers a library which was created in 1951 and which gathers the Institute's collections and those of the French Society of Comparative Legislation (founded in 1869) and of the French Centre of Comparative Law (founded in 1951).[2] The library holds over fifty thousand volumes.[3]

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