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Avenue de France

Paris Rive Gauche is a new neighbourhood in the 13th arrondissement, on the left bank of Paris. The district is bordered by the Seine, the railway tracks of Gare d'Austerlitz and the Boulevard Périphérique.[1] This 130 ha plot of land has 10 ha of green spaces and 2,000 trees.[2] Paris Rive Gauche is divided into three districts along the Seine: Austerlitz, Tolbiac and Massena (from North to South).[1]

A dense, compact, multi-faceted, mixed income, pedestrian-friendly, cyclist-friendly, and public transport rich new development. With construction starting in 1995, this sector was built around former railway yards, warehouses, and industrial businesses. It has been cited as a model of quality urban design and planning integration with sustainable transport. [3]

The vast French National Library and the Paris Diderot University are located in this area, along the river.

The development accommodates approximately 15,000 residents, 30,000 students and university staff and 50,000 employees.[2] It is served by the Métro and RER stations Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, Line 3A at the stop Avenue de France, and Paris Métro station Quai de la Gare.[4]


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Coordinates: 48°50′00″N 2°22′34″E / 48.83333°N 2.37611°E / 48.83333; 2.37611