Paris enquêtes criminelles

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Paris enquêtes criminelles
Paris opening.jpg
Starring Vincent Pérez
Audrey Looten
Laura Killing
Country of origin France France
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 20
Running time approx. 55 minutes (per episode)
Original network TF1
Original release May 3, 2007 – November 8, 2008
Related shows Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Paris enquêtes criminelles (English: Paris Criminal Investigations) is a French television series broadcast since May 3, 2007, on TF1.


The cast of Paris enquêtes criminelles; from left, Laure Killing, Vincent Pérez, Sandrine Rigaux, and Jacques Pater.

Adapted from Law & Order: Criminal Intent (French: New York section criminelle),[1] it follows the investigations of two police detectives with very different methods of investigation. Vincent Revel (Vincent Pérez) is very intuitive, while his partner Claire Savigny (Sandrine Rigaux) is more logical. The first season's episodes were adapted from episodes of the first season of Criminal Intent. This French adaptation of the Law & Order franchise is the only one not to use the voice-over introduction and the title cards between scene changes. All the other international versions (Russian and British) use these icons.

The show was renewed for a third season, which began broadcasting on November 6, 2008. Claire Savigny was replaced by Mélanie Rousseau, played by Audrey Looten.




Season 1[edit]

# Title Law & Order: Criminal Intent Equivalent
1.1 "Fantôme" "Phantom" (1.16)
1.2 "Requiem pour un assassin" "The Faithful" (1.4)
1.3 "Le Serment" "One" (1.1)
1.4 "Addiction" "Smothered" (1.3)
1.5 "Homme au scalpel" "The Good Doctor" (1.9)
1.6 "L'Ange de la mort" "Poison" (1.7)
1.7 "Un homme de trop" "The Extra Man" (1.6)
1.8 "Le Justicier de l'ombre" "The Third Horseman" (1.11)

Season 2[edit]

# Title Law & Order: Criminal Intent Equivalent
2.1 "L'amour fou" "Crazy" (1.12)
2.2 "Un cri dans la nuit" "Yesterday" (1.18)
2.3 "Trafics" "Baggage" (2.11)
2.4 "Rédemption" "Monster" (2.15)
2.5 "Suite funéraire" "Suite Sorrow" (2.12)
2.6 "Visions" "See Me" (2.13)
2.7 "Complot" "Best Defense" (2.4)
2.8 "Blessure secrète" "Homo Homini Lupis" (1.14)

Season 3[edit]

# Title Law & Order: Criminal Intent Equivalent
3.1 "La grande vie" "The Insider" (1.13)
3.2 "La quête" "Undaunted Mettle" (3.01)
3.3 "Un crime d'amour" "Bright Boy" (2.02)
3.4 "Comme un frère" "Consumed" (3.21)

DVD releases[edit]

Season Release date Notes
1 September 6, 2007 Also contains a 20-minute "making of"
2 January 8, 2009[2]


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