St John's parish, Clontarf (Roman Catholic)

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The Parish of Clontarf (St. John's) is an Irish Roman Catholic parish was formed in 1966, as the successor to the Parish of Clontarf, following the erection of the Parishes of Clontarf (St. Anthony's) and Dollymount.

It is served by the Church of St. John the Baptist on Clontarf Road, this being the modernised form of the first Catholic public place of worship in the Clontarf area for centuries, funded by a legacy and opened in 1825 on the site of the locality formerly known as "the Sheds", an area of fish curing facilities and mud cabins.

The parish takes in the main centre of modern Clontarf, where Vernon Avenue meets the coast road, and from Castle Avenue near Killester to Dollymount, and then around Dollymount to Saint Anne's Park. It has a population of over 7,000. Near to the parish church is a convent and school of the Sisters of the Holy Faith.

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