Parishes and dependencies of Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation made up of: Antigua island which is divided into six parishes; and of the two dependencies of Barbuda island and Redonda island.

Although Barbuda and Redonda are called dependencies, they're integral parts of the state, making them essentially administrative divisions. Dependency is simply their title.

Antigua parishes english.png
Map of the parishes of Antigua
No. Parish or
Capital Area
Census 2011
1 Saint George Piggots 24.41 7,496
2 Saint John Saint John's 66.96 49,225
3 Saint Mary Bolans 63.55 7,067
4 Saint Paul Falmouth 45.27 7,979
5 Saint Peter Parham 32.37 5,269
6 Saint Philip Carlisle 40.67 3,125
  Barbuda Codrington 160.58 1,638
  Redonda n/a 1.50 0
  Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's 435.31 76,886

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