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Parishes of Jamaica
HanoverSaint ElizabethSaint JamesTrelawny ParishWestmorelandClarendonManchesterSaint AnnSaint CatherineSaint MaryKingston ParishPortlandSaint AndrewSaint ThomasJamaica parishes numbered2.png
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Category Unitary state
Location Jamaica
Number 14 Parishes
Populations 68,000 (Hanover) – 541,000 (Saint Andrew)
Areas 25 km2 (9.7 sq mi) (Kingston) – 1,213 km2 (468 sq mi) (Saint Ann)
Government Parish government, National government
Subdivisions Cities, Towns, Villages
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Administratively, Jamaica is divided into fourteen parishes. They are grouped into three historic counties, which have no administrative relevance. Every parish has a coast; none is landlocked.

The traditional county towns were Savanna-la-Mar for Cornwall County, Spanish Town for Middlesex County, and Kingston for Surrey County.


Parish Capital Area
Census 2011[1]
Cornwall County
1 Hanover Lucea 450.4 69,533
2 Saint Elizabeth Black River 1,212.4 150,205
3 Saint James Montego Bay 594.9 183,811
4 Trelawny Falmouth 874.6 75,164
5 Westmoreland Savanna-la-Mar 807.0 144,103
Middlesex County
6 Clarendon May Pen 1,196.3 245,103
7 Manchester Mandeville 830.1 189,797
8 Saint Ann Saint Ann's Bay 1,212.6 172,362
9 Saint Catherine Spanish Town 1,192.4 516,218
10 Saint Mary Port Maria 610.5 113,615
Surrey County
11 Kingston Parish(1) (2) Kingston 21.8 89,057
12 Portland Port Antonio 814.0 81,744
13 Saint Andrew(1) Half Way Tree 430.7 573,369
14 Saint Thomas Morant Bay 742.8 93,902
Total 10,991.0 2,697,983

(1) The parishes of Kingston and Saint Andrew together form the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation.
(2) The parish of Kingston does not encompass all of the city of Kingston. Most of the city is in the parish of St. Andrew.

Map of the parishes of Jamaica.

Former Parishes[edit]

Parishes have been a feature of local administration in Jamaica since the island was captured by the English in 1655.[2] The number has varied over time and some no longer exist having either been absorbed into or divided between neighbouring parishes.[2] At the peak, 1841–1865, there were 22 (the current 14 plus those listed below).[2]

The current set of parishes was established in 1866 with the elimination of the 8 listed below (roughly by county):[2]



  • Metcalfe (now part of Saint Mary)
  • Saint Dorothy (now part of Saint Catherine)
  • Saint John (now part of Saint Catherine)
  • Saint Thomas in the Vale (now part of Saint Catherine) – note that the current Saint Thomas used to be named "Saint Thomas in the East" to differentiate between the two parishes at the time.
  • Vere (now part of Clarendon)

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