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Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science
Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science logo.jpg
Motto Towards Excellence
Type Private
Established 2008
Chairman S P Anthonisamy
Academic staff
80 (full time)
Administrative staff
Students 1100
Address NH-67 Ring Road, Kamaraj Nagar, Thanjavur 613006, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
Campus Urban
Colors Green     
Affiliations Anna University, Chennai

Parisutham Institute of Technology and Science (PITS) is an engineering institution in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. The institution is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The institution had earlier been affiliated to Anna University of Technology, Tiruchirappalli before the merger[1] on 15 September 2011.

It was founded in 2008 by Mr. S P Anthonisamy, entrepreneur and a member of the Parisutham Nadar family in Thanjavur. PITS provides technical education in the fields of Engineering and Management. It is a self-financing, minority institution. It has a Finishing School with a curriculum spread over four years for engineering students. The aim is to improve communication skills, soft skills, creativity, perception and assist students in self-development.

The institution has a major focus on sport. It has a Students Centre with its own indoor stadium, gymnasium, food courts and internet cafe.


The institute includes these departments, schools, clubs and associations:[2]

School of Science and Humanities[edit]

The school governs the following departments:

  • Department of English
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry

School of Computing Technology and Engineering[edit]

The school governs the following departments:

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Communication Engineering

Centres for curricular activities[edit]

  • Incubation Cell and Placement Centre
  • Digital Knowledge Centre
  • Centre for Language Learning

Clubs, forums and associations[edit]

Clubs and associations are managed primarily by the students.

The clubs meet at least once a fortnight. Staff can be called in by the students to guide them in club activities.

Clubs, forums and associations
Young Scientists and Inventors' Forum Eco Club
Literary, Debating and Dramatic Association Photography Club
Web Designers' Club DTP Club
Yoga Club Skating Club
Music Club PITS Choir
Fencing Association Karate Club
N.S.S. Trekking Club

Departmental associations[edit]

Department and student interaction is furthered by Departmental Associations. These associations have members of the student and the staff. They conduct meetings where feedback and reviews are made possible. Staff further their research interests through their Departmental Associations.

  • Civil Engineering Association
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering Association
  • Computer Science and Engineering Association
  • Information Technology Association

Roles and activities[edit]

These are the roles, function and activities of the entities creating the institution:[3]

Finishing School[edit]

The Finishing School is integrated into the curriculum. Its purpose is to train students to be industry ready, teach them skills to face interviews, and groom them into corporate beings.

Singing classes in English are compulsory for all students from the "PITS Songster"[4] — a song book exclusively designed for the students. It is part of a cross-cultural training program.[5] During the final three semesters, Leadership Programs, Corporate Insight Programs, Basic Management Skills Training Programs are imparted. All students are trained in Presentation techniques. Group Discussions and Language Lab use are compulsory. Evaluations are made and recorded. Viva Voce, class seminars and debates are conducted at class level. Spoken English is enforced with double vigour: Defaulters are fined and called to attend spoken English counseling classes.

Campus Events[edit]

PITS organizes many events during the academic year aimed at giving professional organizational training to students. "Event Management" is part of the curriculum of the Finishing School. Students of PITS therefore are the organizers of all major events in the Institution. Some of the highlighted events at the PITS Campus are:

  • "Techathon" - Inter-departmental Technical & Cultural competitions.
  • "Sportiva"[6] - Inter collegiate/University games meet.
  • "Festin-O' Beats" - Inter departmental talent expo (singing, mimicry, drawing, sand sculpting, clay modelling, painting, music, chart making, panel debates, role plays etc.)
  • "Black & White"[7] - This is the Inter-collegiate University technical symposium.
  • "Olympia" - The Annual Sports Day.
  • "Excelencia" - PITS Annual Day[8] and Prize distribution night.
  • "La BRU" - The Annual Hostel Day.

The events are scheduled across odd and even semesters. The Collegiate level events are conducted during the even semester. The Inter-Collegiate events are conducted during the odd semester.

Exposure Activities[edit]

  • "PITS Annual Trekking and Exposure Camp" - The Trekking camp is an annual that is conducted for the benefit of all sportsmen. This five-day camp is organized during the month of January at the 165 acre "Parisutham Valley Plantation" situated at Pandrimalai in lower Kodaikanal hills.
  • "PITS Village Vision Program" - Under this rural community service program, the students go to select village schools - clean the school campus, paint, colour wash the buildings. They plant saplings and erect a flag post. Subsequently, they distribute geometry boxes, note books and sketch pen sets to all school children during a follow-up visit.

Placement cell[edit]

The placement office is equipped with interview rooms, discussion and instruction chambers and conferencing facilities. Its major functions are training through Finishing School, arranging aptitude classes and tech courses and getting and managing campus interview visits. A course on Entrepreneurship is also offered. Students are graded on outlook and academic performance. The Placement cell also categorizes students on their career goals. Those who opt to take jobs after their graduation are given necessary assistance. Others can opt for higher education or entrepreneurship. Undecided students are counseled to select their next career step.

Incubation and Tech Moulding Centre[edit]

The Incubation Centre functions as a placement cell. It is manned by professionals to impart professional training. A program abbreviated TESKIMO (Technical Skills Moulding) is designed during every summer and winter vacation to impart this training. Additional programs to assist students secure internships and in-plant-training are conducted."PITS Black & White" is the name of the intercollegiate National Techno-Cultural Fest that is conducted every year by the Tech Brigade. The Digital Network Infrastructure with LAN/WAN campus-wide Routers for both Wired Terminals and WiFi have been designed and maintained by the students through the Incubation and Tech. Moulding Centre.

Evening sessions[edit]

Evening tuition classes are conducted free of cost. Typewriting tutorial classes are compulsory. Class seminars and viva sessions are conducted starting from the first year. Additional computer languages are taught in evening sessions. Spoken language training in English is given priority. Students can opt to learn additional foreign languages including Japanese, Chinese and German from the second semester.


The administrative structure is de-centralised and clustered, giving way for efficiency and development.

Students' empowerment[edit]

The task of evaluating faculty members is given to students. Evaluation is conducted once a semester to keep track of academic performance of faculty members. The students also evaluate the facilities on the campus. Both these evaluations are done by secret balloting directly controlled by the chairman's office. The Chairman, as the head of the Governing Council, sees to it that all difficulties are removed for the benefit of the students. The management strongly believes that the students should have the first say on what they like and what they don't like.

Curricular activities[edit]

These activities are designed to promote logical thinking, teamwork and leadership. To promote creativity, programs known as "Talent Time" are conducted to encourage students to exhibit their talents during the hour. The "Talent Time" program is held once a month. Yoga is compulsory for the second year students. The institution conducts an annual festival named "Excelencia."[9] On 29 January 2011, the institution hosted a Technical Symposium[10] named "Black and White." The institution also conducts 'Techathon', a special technical festival for students within the college. The first Techathon was held in July 2011 and concluded on 28-7-2011.

Sports and games[edit]

The institution has a focus on sports and games. Students are guided by the director for sports, a physical training director and members of the faculty. Students spend at least an hour every day in games. PITS has well maintained grass turfed football, hockey and cricket courts.

The following sports facilities are available:

Sports and games
Outdoor Indoor
Swimming Fencing
Cricket Billiards
Football Snooker
Hockey Squash
Basketball Indoor Shuttle
Volleyball Badminton
Beach Volleyball Chess
Lawn tennis Table tennis
Silambattam Boxing
Trekking Indoor gymnasiums
Roller-Skating[11] Air-Rifle Shooting

The annual sports "PITS Olympia" is college-level event conducted in March. Inter-house games are also conducted. Games are compulsory for students residing at the hostels. "PITS SPORTIVA" is an annual inter-collegiate games festival where engineering institutions and universities take part. "PITS SPORTIVA" 2010 had a four-day finale as 20 colleges joined the event. It concluded with a valedictory function[12] presided by Olympian Simon Sundarraj. Sportiva 2011 was yet another success with 54 engineering institutions (colleges & universities) participating.

Sports activities been consistent, progressive. Within the four years of its institution, members of the Fencing Team of PITS have represented Anna University of Technology in All-India events and won Bronze for their university of affiliation.[13] For the second subsequent year members of the PITS fencing team have been selected to represent their university.[14] Sportiva 2012 had a participation of over 1,800 students from 60 Engineering Colleges. The valedictory function was presided by Swaminathan D, former Indian Basketball Player who represented India in the 1997 Asian Games.[15]

Community Help Initiatives[edit]

The students of PITS have initiated a program named "PITS Village Vision" to facilitate schools in nearby villages run by Panchayat unions. On 9 June 2010 they repainted the school premises at Vadakkupattu. They subsequently provided school-going children with Notebooks and geometry kits.[16] The students of PITS have taken it up as an initiative for promoting K-10, K-12 and K-14 education in rural areas where infrastructure is often lacking.


The hostel residences, Student Centre, and campus facilities are available to all students.

Classrooms and laboratories[edit]

Each classroom is equipped[17] with a digital and an overhead projector. Laboratories include tutorial classrooms which are equipped with additional lecturing aids. The classrooms are available to students and staff after regular working hours for club meetings and co-curricular activities.

Hostel residences[edit]

Hostels for boy and girl students are on the campus. The 'Rainbow Hostel' is for boys, and the 'Breeze Hostel' for girls. The hostels are easily accessible from the academic block and Students Centre.

Students Centre[edit]

The indoor Students Centre is a single large building measuring about 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2) in built-up area. It is entirely dedicated to student recreational and extracurricular activities. It houses the cafeteria/refectory, a students' store, browsing lines, students' lounge, Mega Television lounge, shuttle court, two gymnasiums, billiards room, chess, carom, table tennis, squash, fencing court, boxing, air-rifle shooting range and aerobic dance floors. The Students Centre was inaugurated in October 2010.[18]


The 50 acre campus has more than 5,000 trees including around 1,000 coconut trees and a host of mango trees with lush green natural lawns. The campus has bitumen-topped cross-street roads. It is an eco-friendly, cleanliness-enforced campus. The academic buildings has corridors each 340 metres long. The corridors are lined with inset gardens and remain well lit, day and night. The campus has laboratories. Visitors can tour the campus outside class hours.


PITS is situated on the Nanjikottai Ring Road, just at the outskirts of Thanjavur city.Coordinates: 10°44′10″N 79°07′35″E / 10.7361°N 79.1264°E / 10.7361; 79.1264 The Ring Road is also designated as National Highway 67 (NH-67).


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