Pariyatra Mountains

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Pariyatra Mountains is a range of mountains mentioned in the epic Mahabharata and the Puranas. Mahabharata 2.10.31 calls it "Paripatra" 3.85.69 ff. "Prayaga" (according to 3.85.75 also called "Jaghana", the according to 3.87.18 f. holy area between Ganges and Yamuna), Harivamsa Purana 2.74.13 ff. "Pariyatra". According to Harivamsa Purana 2.74.15 Sri Krishna changed the name of the Pariyatra mountain to the name "Sanapada".


While the Geography Of The Puranas identifies it with "the Bad-i-Baba and Band-i-Turkestan ranges or the Paropamisus of northern Afghanistan" [1], the Puranic Encyclopedia locates it with reference to the Vana Parva 188, 115 of the Mahabharata at "the western side of Mahameru" [2]. It is otherwise identified to the north western part of what is now called as Vindhya mountain ranges. In ancient times only southern parts of Vindhya mountain ranges, which are having higher elevation, were considered as Vindhya mountains, while the other part of this mountain range with less height is named as Pariyatra (north western part) and Riksha (north eastern part).


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