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Studio album by The Mad Capsule Markets
Released 21 October 1994 (Japan) 1996 (US)
Recorded innig Recording Hostelry
Sound Sky studio Kawana
Key Stone studio Izu (Japan)
Genre Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Rap metal, Alternative Rock
Length 47:51
Label Victor, Invitation
Producer The Mad Capsule Markets
The Mad Capsule Markets chronology
Gichi / Ayatsuri ningyou / Karakuri no soko
4 Plugs

Park is the sixth album from The Mad Capsule Markets. Sometime in 1996, PARK was their first album to be released in the United States, with two mellower bonus tracks (the same bonus tracks as on the original limited Japanese pressing), but there was little interest. The album shows the band start to incorporate rap metal influences, an element that would become crucial in their later style. The melodious elements from Mix-ism are still prominent in several tracks. The album is often considered to be one of the band's best works. Hide praised the album as a perfect example of state of the art Japanese Rock.[1][2][3][4][5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hi-Side (High-Individual-Side)"
  2. "Limit"
  3. "In Surface Noise"
  4. "Parasite (Kiseichu)" (パラサイト (寄生虫) Parasite?)
  5. "Kouen e Ato Sukoshi" (公園へあと少し A Bit More to the Park?)
  6. "Hab'it"
  7. "Cr'ock on the Work (Auto-matic)"
  8. "Toki no Oto" (時ノ音 Sound of Time?)
  9. "Umareta Bakari no Kaiga wo Moyase" (生まれたばかりの絵画を燃やせ Burn the Newborn Painting?)
  10. "P-A-R-K"
  11. "Mustard"
  12. "The Life in Fairy Story" ♠
  13. "Taiyou no Shita" (太陽の下 Under the Sun?)

♠Limited Edition Pressing & U.S. Pressing Bonus Tracks

Year Chart Position
1994 Official Japanese Albums Chart 19


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