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Park City High School
Park City High School, photographed from Kearns Blvd., Park City, UT, USA..jpg
Park City High School, July 2012
Type Public high school
Established February 1928
Principal Roger Arbabi
Students 1,131 (2014-15)[1]
Address 1750 Kearns Boulevard
, Park City, Utah
, United States
Campus Urban
35 acres (0.14 km2)
Colors Red and white          
Nickname Miners
Sports 3A, Region X
Park City Miners logo

Park City High School is a public high school located at 1750 Kearns Boulevard in Park City, Utah, United States. It is one of eight public schools in the Park City School District and serves tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders.[2] Academically, it is ranked the number one high school in the state of Utah,[3] and in 2011, it was ranked one of the top 200 high schools in the United States by Newsweek magazine.[4]


Park City Library
The original high school was restored in 1993 and is currently the Park City Library and Education center.

Park City High School was originally located at 1255 Park Avenue in Park City.[5] It was constructed in February 1928 at a cost of $200,000 (equivalent to $2.85 million in 2017)[6][7] and was a modified Collegiate Gothic style brick building with three levels.[8] The building was abandoned in 1981, when a new high school was constructed on Kearns Boulevard, about a mile away. The old building has since been restored and is now used as the Park City Library and the Jim Santy auditorium, which hosts the annual Sundance Film Festival and the Park City Film Series. The Kearns Boulevard building was a modern-style brick building until 2008, when the building underwent a significant renovation designed by the Salt Lake City based architectural firm VCBO. The current high school stands on a site of 35 acres (14 ha) and consists of three levels.[9]



The Utah AP Award on display at Park City High School.
The Utah AP Award on display at Park City High School

Park City High School is recognized for its achievement in academics. It is the current holder of the Utah State AP Award,[10][11] making it the number one high school in the state on the basis of student involvement in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Over 23 AP classes are offered at Park City High School. It is ranked the number one high school in the state of Utah by KSL Schools,[3] a division of the Bonneville International corporation. In 2011, Park City High School was named one of the best 200 high schools in the United States by The Daily Beast, a website published by Newsweek magazine,[12] placing it in the top .008% of all high schools in the country.[13]

Electronic integration[edit]

In 2012, Park City High School adopted a one-to-one personal computer program wherein each student receives a laptop. Teachers and students use a common learning management system called Canvas for information and assignments. Canvas is provided by Instructure, a Utah-based software company. Each student's personal computer has school-wide internet access. The current model issued to students is the 11-inch Apple Macbook Air. Students are allowed to take their laptops home, but are limited to websites and applications pre-approved by the administration.


Park City High School's southeast entrance
Some of Park City High School's architectural cues are reminiscent of Park City's historic silver mines.

Park City High School is a multi-level contemporary style complex. Since its renovation in 2008, the school has over 260,000 square feet (24,000 m2) of total floor area.[9] The primary areas that underwent renovation were those on the front facade of the building facing Kearns Boulevard, which included the school lunchroom, the main classroom wings, and the administrative offices. The reconstruction resulted in improvements such as a more spacious floor plan and updated building specifications. Updates to the building included redesigned classrooms with large glass windows and integrated multimedia systems, as well as a redesigned lunchroom area, which features five new food outlets, a school store, and a casual eating and socializing area for students. Other general updates to the building include new materials and finishes like glass, tile, stone, metal, and carpets. The combination of these materials, according to VCBO, "results in the entire complex appearing as one cohesive facility."[9] The building now has a Silver Rating by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards. It has won four awards for its design, including the 2010 Outstanding Project Award for Green School Building Design by Leading By Design.[9]

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