Park Gyu-su

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Park.
Park Gyu-su

Park Gyu-su (박규수, 朴珪壽, 1807–1877) was a scholar-bureaucrat, a teacher, a politician and a diplomat of Joseon Dynasty Korea. He was known as a pioneer of the enlightenment group. Park Gyu-su was a grandson of Park Ji-won, the great Silhak scholar of the Joseon. nickname was Hwanjae (환재, 瓛齋), Hwanjae (환재, 桓齋) en Heonjae (헌재, 獻齋), Hwanjaegeosa (환재거사 瓛齋居士).


When Park was 20, he became acquainted with Crown Prince Hyomyeong (1809-1830). They became close friends and discussed politics. When the crown prince died a sudden death, Park was so shocked that he shut himself away for 20 years.[1]

In 1848, He successed Gwageo exam on fourth class. In the middle of the 1870s, Pak Yeong-hyo visited Park Gyu-su and be taught about the Enlightenment Thought.[2] Kim Okgyun was affected Park too.

During the period of King Gojong's reign, Queen Sinjeong, who was a wife of Prince Hyomyeong, promote Park. When the General Sherman incident occurred, Park was the governor of Pyongan. Park ordered the General Sherman's crew to depart from Joseon. The ship's crew ignored Park's order and captured Yi Hyeon-ik, an adjutant of Park. Park rescued Yi and destroyed the General Sherman.

In 1872, Park Gyu-su was Joseon chief envoy to the court of the Tongzhi Emperor, offering congratulations.[3]

Work books[edit]

  • Hwanjaejip(환재집 瓛齋集)
  • Hwanjaejikgye(환재직계 瓛齋織啓)
  • Hwanjaesyugye(환재수계 瓛齋繡啓)
  • Geogajapbokgo(거가잡복고 居家雜服攷)
  • Sanggodohoimunuirye(상고도회문의례 尙古圖會文儀例)
  • Jangammungo(장암문고 莊菴文稿)
  • Hwanjaeyugo(환재유고 瓛齋遺稿)


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