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Park Hyo-shin
Park Hyo-Shin18.jpg
Park in 2013
Background information
Birth namePark Hyo-shin
Born (1981-09-01) September 1, 1981 (age 38) (1981-12-01) December 1, 1981 (age 37) (registration date)
South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Years active1999–present
WebsiteOfficial website
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBak Hyo-sin
McCune–ReischauerPak Hyo-sin

Park Hyo-shin (Hangul: 박효신, Hanja: 朴孝信; born September 1, 1981-registered on December 1, 1981)[1] is a South Korean ballad singer and musical theatre actor known for his emotional vocals.[2][3] He debuted in 1999 and has since released many hit songs including, "Snow Flower," "Wild Flower," and "Good Person."[4]


Early life and career beginnings[edit]

Park Hyo Shin was born on September 1, 1981 (registered on December 1, 1981) in Chungcheongnam-Do Yesan.[5]

When Park was young, he sang trot, a Korean traditional genre, at his family's restaurant. The guests liked Park singing, so they visited Park's family restaurant often. Though he was young, many people heard he sang very well so they visited the restaurant to listen to him sing.

When Park was in high school, he decided to become a singer via his friend's suggestion and participated in many competitive singing festivals where he won many trophies.

He also became a trainee at a Korean entertainment company. However, due to problems that happened in his management company, he moved to another company. Park thought there wouldn't be any problems in this new company, but this company forced Park to pay money because he ignored a sponsor. Due to these issues, Park thought about giving up his dream of being a singer. However, his friend introduced Park to composer Hwang Yoon Min, and he started to sing again under Hwang's supervision.

Park trained to become a singer for almost a year until his debut date. On November 4, 1999, he appeared in a radio station. Then on November 30, 1999, he released his first album Things I Cannot Do For You, with the title song being "Things I Cannot do for You".

Rising popularity~Present Day[edit]

Park became famous to Korean citizens when he attended a KBS TV show called Lee Sora's Propose. After appearing on the program, his popularity increased significantly, which led to 440,000 copies of his debut album being sold and his album placing 15th on 2000's Music Recording Sales. He was also rewarded for the 15th Golden Disk Awards: Rookie of the Year award.[6]

The album Second Story was released in January 2001, and the song "Longing" was a big hit. This album’s producers were famous Korean producers Yoon Sang, Kim Dong Ryul, Jo Kyu Man and Yoo Hee Yeol, who made Park’s album even more sophisticated. The fans say that this album was the highest grossing album to date.

The next album, Time Honored Voice, was released in September 2002 with 470,000 copies sold. Park's main title song was also a hit, giving him 3 hits songs in a row, which paved the way to be one of the greatest artists in Korea. By this effect, the title song "A Good Person" ranked first for two weeks in a row in SBS Inkigayo and won Main Prize in the 17th Golden Disk and Seoul Music Award, making Park even more famous.[7] The song that is said to have brought Park Hyo Shin to fame was "Snow Flower." This song was not any song from an album, but rather it was a remake OST song for the KBS Drama "I'm Sorry, I love You" that was broadcast in 2004. The original song was sung by Mika Nakashima.[8] This song has become well known even today and is perceived with positive acclaims by musicians and music critics.

Park Hyo Shin released his 5th full studio album in 2007. The title song for this album was "Memories resemble Love" and ranked top 3 in the music chart that time.

Park not only participated in his album, but was also a singer for many original soundtracks inserted in TV programs and movies. He participated in a Korean TV program called Iljimae by singing the song "Hwashin," which means "Flower Letter" in English.[9] In 2008, he also participated in Hwang Project as the lead vocal by releasing the song "The Castle of Zoltar," which was quite different from the music that he sang in early stage of his career.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut, Park held a series of concerts, titled Park Hyo Shin's Gift from 16 to 18 October 2009 at the Olympic Fencing Gymnasium.[10] On May 23, 2009, Park participated in "Green Concert". At the same time, he also worked on his 6th studio album. On September 15, 2009, Park released his 6th album, Gift- Part 1. The song "After Love" made it to number one on the music charts.[11]

In 2014, Park released a mega hit song called "Wild Flower". This song was released in 2014, but by March 2016 it still placed 70th.[12] The meaning he is trying to deliver through this song depends on how the listener interprets, but most people sees it as a metaphor for how he had overcome all the hardships in his life like a wildflower blooming in harsh winter, and the song title was inspired by Skylark's song "Wildflower". In 2015, Park released a digital single called "Shine Your Light".

Park's contract with Jellyfish Entertainment since 2008 was expired in 2016. On August 24, 2016 Park later signed a contract with Glove Entertainment.[13] Under Glove Entertainment, Park released new album in October 2016m followed by a concert titled "I Am A Dreamer" from October 8–16, 2016.[14]


  • Things I Can't Do For You (1999)
  • Second Story (2001)
  • Time-Honored Voice (2002)
  • Soul Tree (2004)
  • The Breeze of Sea (2007)
  • Gift, Part 1 (2009)
  • Gift, Part 2 (2010)
  • I Am a Dreamer (2016)
  • Goodbye (2019)[15]

Musical theatre[edit]

Year Show Role Opening venue Ref.
2000 Rock Hamlet Hamlet Jangchung Gymnasium [16]
2013 Elisabeth Tod (Death) Seoul Arts Center [17]
2014 Mozart! Mozart Sejong Center [18]
2015 Phantom Erik Chungmu Art Hall [19]
2016-2017 Phantom Erik Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall [citation needed]
2018 The Man Who Laughs Gwynplaine Seoul Arts Center [3]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Cyworld Digital Music Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2009 Hall of Fame "Snow Flower" Won [citation needed]

Golden Disc Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2000 Rookie Artist Award "Things I Can't Do For You" Won [20]
2002 Main Prize (Bonsang) "Good Person" Won

Internet Music Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2000 Rookie Artist Award "Things I Can't Do For You" Won [citation needed]

KBS Music Award

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2002 Main Prize (Bonsang) Park Hyo-shin Won [citation needed]
2004 Won

KMTV Korean Music Award

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2002 The Singer of the Year Park Hyo-Shin Won [citation needed]

Korea Image Disc Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2000 Rookie Artist Award "Things I Can't Do For You" Won [citation needed]

Korean Musical Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2019 Best Actor "The Man Who Laughs" Won [21]

Melon Music Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2014 Song of the Year "Wild Flower" Nominated [citation needed]
Ballad of the Year Nominated
2017 Stage of the Year "I Am a Dreamer" Won [22]

Mnet Asian Music Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2000 Best New Male Artist "Things I Can't Do For You" Nominated [23]
2002 Best Ballad Performance "Good Person" Nominated [24]
2004 "Standing There" Nominated [25]
2007 Best Male Artist "Memories Resembles Love" Nominated [26]
2009 Best Ballad/R&B Performance "After Love" Nominated [27]
2016 Best Male Artist "Breath" Nominated [28]
2018 Best Male Artist "Sound of Winter" Nominated [29]
Best Vocal Performance Nominated
Best OST "The Day" Nominated

SBS Music Award

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2002 Main Prize (Bonsang) Park Hyo-shin Won [citation needed]
2004 Won

Seoul Music Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2002 Main Prize (Bonsang) Park Hyo-shin Won [30]
2004 Won

Yegreen Musical Awards

Year Category Nominee/work Result Ref.
2018 Best Actor "The Man Who Laughs" Won [31]

Military honors[edit]

During his mandatory military service, Park received both the Army Chief of Staff’s award and the Minister of National Defense Award.[32]


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