Park Jong-yang

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Park.
Park Jong-yang
Revised Romanization Bag Jeong-yang
McCune–Reischauer Park Jong-yang
Pen name
Hangul 죽천
Revised Romanization Joogcheon
McCune–Reischauer Jukchun
Courtesy name
Hangul 치중
Revised Romanization Chijoong
McCune–Reischauer Chijung
Posthumous name
Hangul 문익
Revised Romanization Moonig
McCune–Reischauer Munik

Park Jong-yang(korean:박정양, hanja:朴定陽, 1841–1904) was a Korean Joseon dynasty politician and edification[clarification needed] activist.[1] a member of independence club(독립협회;獨立協會) and People's joint association(만민공동회;萬民共同會). also a member for Party of Kaehwa, his family was Pannam Park clan.[2] Park Jong-yang was dispatched by Korean King to be the ambassador to the United States in 1887. He went to United States and caused an international outcry from the Chinese Empire which viewed Korea as a vassal state. After many years' conflict, Park was punished and was pushed aside. This episode reveals Korea's desire for complete independence, but demonstrates China's plan to stick to the traditional tributary tie. Park became a victim of this conflict. Park was also the author of a few books.

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