Park Jung-woo

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Park Jung-woo
Born1969 (age 49–50)
OccupationFilm director,
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBak Jeong-u
McCune–ReischauerPak Chŏng-u

Park Jung-woo (born 1969) is a South Korean film director and screenwriter. Park is an award-winning screenwriter turned director, and probably ranks as South Korea's most well-known screenwriter for his famous stories such as Attack the Gas Station (1999), Last Present (2001), Kick the Moon (2001), Break Out (2002) and Jail Breakers (2002).[1][2] In 2004, he debuted with his directorial feature Dance with the Wind (2004). His third feature Deranged (2012) is a refreshing and unique take on the disaster genre, was a hit with more than 4.5 million admissions.[3][4]


As director[edit]

As assistant director[edit]

  • Beyond the Mountain (1991)
  • I Wish for What Is Forbidden to Me (1994)
  • To You from Me (1994)
  • A Man Wagging His Tail (1995)
  • Change (1997)
  • Oasis (2002)

As screenwriter[edit]

As executive producer[edit]

As script editor[edit]

  • I Wish for What Is Forbidden to Me (1994)
  • Never to Lose (2005)



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