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Pond with fountain in Park Krakowski.
19th-century landscape tower in the park.

Park Krakowski is a 12.5 acres (5.1 ha) city park located in Kraków, in southern Poland. The park, founded in 1885, was modelled after similar parks in Vienna.[1] It is a contemporary sculpture park.


Park Krakowski was originated by city councillor Stanisław Rehman. It was built on grounds leased from the Polish military.[1] It was a popular destination point with many Fin de siècle Cracovians. After World War I, its size was reduced, due to rapid real estate development.[1]


The park originally contained:[1]

  1. an outdoor concert bowl amphitheatre
  2. a summer outdoor theater (built 1890)
  3. a zoo
  4. an ice skating rink and bicycle rink
  5. a swimming pool and pond
  6. a bowling alley
  7. a restaurant and seasonal outdoor cafés.

From the original 1885 design, the only remaining built features are landscape tower elements, and the ornamental pond with its fountain.

Sculpture park[edit]

Park Krakowski has been a sculpture park since 1974.[1] It has numerous abstract outdoor sculptures on display throughout the park grounds.

They were created by Polish modern art sculptors, including: S. Borzęcki; A. Hajducki; W. Kućma; J. Sękowski; and J. Siek.


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