Park Street, Boston

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Park Street, Boston, 19th-century Boston Common (at left), Massachusetts State House (at top)

Park Street is a small but historic road in the center of Boston, Massachusetts. It begins at the top of Beacon Hill, at the intersection of Beacon Street, where it is lined up with the front of the Massachusetts State House. It then spills down the hill toward Tremont Street, with Boston Common to its west.[1]


Park Street was laid out in 1804, initially as Park Place, replacing the previous Sentry Street.[2]

In the 1880s, the feminist Woman's Journal was published on Park Street. Houghton Mifflin was also headquartered here beginning in the late 19th century.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°21′26.53″N 71°3′46.35″W / 42.3573694°N 71.0628750°W / 42.3573694; -71.0628750