Parkes High School

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Parkes High School
PHS Logo.png
Parkes, New South Wales
Coordinates 33°8′20″S 148°10′50″E / 33.13889°S 148.18056°E / -33.13889; 148.18056Coordinates: 33°8′20″S 148°10′50″E / 33.13889°S 148.18056°E / -33.13889; 148.18056
Type State run high school
Motto Latin: Dum Vivo Disco
(While I live, I learn)
Established 1933
Principal Sandra Carter[1]
Enrollment ~700[2]
Campus Rural

Parkes High School is a secondary school located in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia. The school offers a range of subjects in junior (7-10) and senior years (11-12) in accordance with a syllabus developed by the NSW Board of Studies.

Senior courses[edit]

At Parkes High School there are numerous courses available to senior students as they work toward attaining their Higher School Certificate.


English is a required unit of study in NSW and as such all students must complete one of these English courses: Advanced English, which may be completed with HSC Extension 1 English; Standard English, which are Board Developed ATAR accredited courses; and English Studies, which is a Board Endorsed Course.


Mathematics is a very popular unit of study at Parkes High School. The courses offered by the Maths Faculty at Parkes High are: General Maths; Mathematics, which can be completed with HSC Mathematics 1; and HSC Mathematics 2 in year 12. All Mathematics courses are Board Developed and ATAR accredited courses.


Science is a choice made by many students wishing to go into a field which utilises that specialised knowledge. Courses offered by the Science Faculty at Parkes High are Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Biology and Senior Science (a general look at science). These are Board Developed and ATAR accredited courses.


The HSIE (Human Society in Its Environment) Faculty offer a wide variety of courses available to senior students of Parkes High. Due to their variety, these are very popular. The subjects offered by the HSIE Faculty are Geography, Ancient History, and Modern History. A student can complete HSC Extension History if completing one of the histories. Business Studies is a very popular subject due to the Cert II in Retail, Aboriginal Studies. These are all Board Developed courses and ATAR accredited.


VET (Vocational Education Training) is a very practical and widely selected area of study. VET courses offered at Parkes High School are Industrial Technology - Metal and Timber, Automotive, and Hospitality,

Aboriginal studies[edit]

The school has an emphasis on the teaching of Aboriginal studies wherein students focus on issues relating to Indigenous Australians. Wiradjuri, the indigenous language of the Aboriginal people of the same name who inhabited and continue to inhabit the area, is taught in year 7 at the school in conjunction with the local Aboriginal community. Parkes High School in a leadership role with other high schools and primary schools in the area continues to develop curriculum and resources for the teaching of Wiradjuri and Aboriginal languages generally.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]


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