Parkgate, South Yorkshire

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Coordinates: 53°27′04″N 1°20′31″W / 53.451°N 1.342°W / 53.451; -1.342

Ashwood Road, Parkgate

Parkgate is a suburb of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. It has since been consumed by its neighbour Rawmarsh(in whose Rotherham MBC ward it falls}, from which it has been indistinguishable since the early 20th century.[citation needed] Its name is said to originate from its location at the end point of the parkland of Wentworth Woodhouse. Although it marks the old entry gates of the parkland, the Wentworth estate stretched far past this, encompassing 90,000 acres of what was beautiful English countryside.

This is also near the location of the Park Gate Iron and Steel Company.

There is a football club, Parkgate F.C., based in the suburb, while the defunct clubs Parkgate & Rawmarsh United, Parkgate Works Sports and Parkgate Welfare was also prominent.