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The Parks Canada Players theatrical troupe was founded in 2003 by Parks Canada to promote and preserve Canadian heritage through innovative theatre in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The theatre program educates and entertains visitors to Parks Canada historic sites. Hundreds of shows are performed each year with a cast that can exceed 15 actors. The troupe covers such issues as the War of 1812, the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site, former Canadian Prime Ministers, ecological issues at St. Lawrence Islands (a section of the 1000 Islands), and more through dynamic and interactive theatre. This theatrical program performs at historic sites such as Fort Wellington, Bellevue House, and the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site.

Also included in the theatrical series are performances at the famous Laurier House in Ottawa Ontario. This former home to Canadian Prime Ministers Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King is a top tourist destination in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. Theatre performances at Laurier House often focus on William Lyon Mackenzie King and his spiritualism, Canada's involvement in both World Wars and other related subjects.

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