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Coordinates: 37°48′57.4″S 144°57′28.1″E / 37.815944°S 144.957806°E / -37.815944; 144.957806

Parks Victoria is a government agency of the state of Victoria, Australia.

Parks Victoria was established in December 1996 as a statutory authority, reporting to the Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change. The Parks Victoria Act 1998 makes Parks Victoria responsible for managing national parks, reserves and other land under the control of the state, including historic sites and indigenous cultural heritage sites.[1]

The total area under Parks Victoria's management is over 40,000 square kilometres. It manages 13 Marine National Parks and 11 smaller Marine Sanctuaries. These Victorian marine, waterways and park-lands combined attract over 70 million visits each year, making them one of the state's most popular attractions.[2]

For a list of parks and other sites managed by Parks Victoria, see Protected areas of Victoria.

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