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The following is a table of parks in Lincoln, Nebraska. All of the properties listed are maintained by Lincoln Parks & Recreation.

Parks in Lincoln, Nebraska
District Park Name Park Type Size (acres) Location
NE 34th & Baldwin Avenue Mini 0.2 N. 34th Street & Baldwin Avenue
NE 45th & Gladstone Playground Mini 0.2 N. 45th Street & Gladstone
NE 48th & Adams Park Pocket 0.23 N. 48th & Adams Streets
NE Antelope Park Triangle Regional 16.14 27th & Capitol Pkwy - A Street
NE Arbor Lake Conservancy 132.64 N. 27th Street & Arbor Road
NE Ballard Park Community 9.1 N. 66th Street & Kearney Ave.
NE Bethany Park Community 9.67 N. 65th & Vine Streets
NE Boosalis Park Conservancy 66.52 N. 44th Street & Fletcher Ave.
NE Burns Park Conservancy 14 N. 98th & Adams Streets
NE Easterday Park Neighborhood 5.26 6130 Adams Street
NE ECCO Park Pocket 1.22 N. 47th Street & Holdrege Ave.
NE Fleming Fields Recreational Sports Park Community 29 30th Street & Leighton Ave.
NE Hamann Rose Garden Garden/Plaza 0.8 S. 27th Street & Capitol Parkway
NE Hartley Park Mini 0.24 N. 31st & R Streets
NE Havelock Park Neighborhood 3.6 N. 64th Street & Ballard Ave.
NE Herbert Park Neighborhood 7.68 N. 81st Street & Trailridge Rd.
NE Idylwild Park Mini 0.4 Idylwild Drive & Apple Street
NE Kahoa Park Neighborhood 6.1 N. 78th Street & Leighton Ave.
NE Kontras Park Pocket 1.12 S. Cotner Blvd. & Aldrich Road
NE Mahoney Park Community 77 N. 70th Street & Fremont Ave.
NE McAdams Park Neighborhood 1.4 N. 44th & Y Streets
NE Midtown Commons Park Pocket 0.31 50th & N Streets
NE Nevin Park Mini 0.37 N. 32nd & Doane Streets
NE Northern Lights Greenbelt Conservancy 14.29 N. 83rd, Holdrege - Leighton
NE Peter Pan Park Community 11.13 N. 32nd & W Streets
NE Piedmont Park Neighborhood 9.25 S. 50th & C Streets
NE Seacrest Park Community 45.75 S. 70th & A Streets
NE Stuhr Park Neighborhood 2.23 S. 51st & M Streets
NE Sunrise Park Neighborhood 1.91 N. 73rd & Douglas Streets
NE Taylor Park Neighborhood 19.27 S. 63rd & Randolph Streets
NE Touzalin Arboretum Islands Boulevard 6.2 Adams - Havelock on Touzalin Blvd.
NE Tyrrell Park Neighborhood 12.51 N. 67th Street & Baldwin Ave.
NE University Place Park Community 22.1 N. 49th & Garland Streets
NE UPCO Park Neighborhood 6 N. 40th & Adams Streets
NE Warner Wetlands Conservancy 80 N. 98th Street & Highway 6
NE Woods Park Community 47.13 S. 33rd & J Streets
NW 10th & Charleston Park Pocket 0.05 N. 10th & Charleston Streets
NW 3rd & A Overpass Neighborhood 5.78 N. 3rd & A Streets
NW Arnold Heights Park Neighborhood 17.63 5325 W. Superior
NW Ashley Heights Park Neighborhood 2.1 NW 46th Street & W. Leighton Avenue
NW Aster Mini Park Mini 0.13 N. 8th & Aster Streets
NW Bea Richmond Park Pocket 0.1 N. 27th & Holdredge Streets
NW Belmont Park Neighborhood 14.12 N. 12th & Judson Streets
NW Bowling Lake Park Community 52 NW 48th & W. Cumming Streets
NW Campbell Gardens Garden/Plaza 0.03 N. 24th & L Streets
NW Centennial Mall Garden/Plaza 3.47 K - R on 15th Street
NW Cooper Park Neighborhood 11.52 S. 6th & D Streets
NW Eagles View Park Mini 0.3 NW 52nd Street & W. Knight Drive
NW Goodhue Mall Boulevard 0.8 A - H on S. 15th Street
NW Government Square Park Pocket 0.2 N. 10th & O Streets
NW Hayward Park Neighborhood 18.35 N. 9th Street & Military Ave.
NW Hazel Abel Park Garden/Plaza 0.5 S. 18th & E Streets
NW Highlands Park Neighborhood 10.86 W. Harvest Drive
NW Highlands South Park Conservancy 33 NW Fairway Drive to NW 1st Street
NW Iron Horse Park Mini 0.5 N. 7th & Q Streets
NW Keech Park Neighborhood 11.26 N. 14th & Superior Streets
NW King Saline Wetland Conservancy 60.6 SE of I-80 and 27th Street
NW Lakeview Park Neighborhood 2.59 NW 20th & W. Q Streets
NW Lincoln Mall Garden/Plaza 0.83 S. 10th - 14th on J Street
NW Lintel Park Neighborhood 2.1 N. 21st Street & Holdrege
NW McWilliams Park Pocket 0.5 N. 25th & T Streets
NW Oak Lake Dog Run Dog Run 20.32 N. 1st & Cornhusker Hwy
NW Oak Lake Park Community 186.39 Sun Valley Blvd. & Charleston Street
NW Olympic Heights Park Neighborhood 15.8 NW 52nd & W. Huntington
NW Pentzer Park Neighborhood 4.05 N. 27th & Potter Streets
NW Roper (Max E.) Park Community 144.3 N. 10th St. & Belmont - N. 3rd St. & Superior
NW Schleich (Stephen C.) Park Neighborhood 4 N. 34th Street & Ridge Park Rd.
NW Schroeder/Willard Park Neighborhood 2 W. Folsom Ave. & W. B Street
NW Schwartzkopf Park Mini 0.4 SW 1st & L Streets
NW Seacrest Range Conservancy 40.55 W. Folsom Ave. & W. E Street
NW Shoemaker Marsh Conservancy 160 1.3 miles north of N. 27th St. & Arbor Rd.
NW Stonebridge Park Mini 0.99 N. 18th St. & Redstone Rd.
NW Sunken Gardens Garden/Plaza 1.4 S. 26th & D Streets
NW Trago Park Neighborhood 8.05 N. 22nd & U Streets
NW West Lincoln Park Neighborhood 3.76 N. Main Street & W. Dawes Avenue
SE 27th & Old Cheney Rd. Undeveloped 1.81 27th Street & Old Cheney Rd.
SE 40th & Highway 2 Park Conservancy 19.58 S. 40th Street & Highway 2
SE 56th & London Road Park Undeveloped 13.6 S. 56th Street & London Road
SE American Legion Park Neighborhood 1.1 S. 26th & Randolph Streets
SE Antelope Park North Regional 50.89 23rd & Capitol Pkwy - 27th & Capitol Pkwy
SE Antelope Park South Regional 25.9 A Street - 33rd & Sheridan Blvd.
SE Bishop Heights Park Neighborhood 7.02 S. 30th Street & Prescott Ave.
SE Colonial Hills Park Neighborhood 18.07 S. 64th Street & Bernese Blvd.
SE Country View Park Neighborhood 6 S. 56th Street & Union Drive
SE Cripple Creek Park Neighborhood 6.33 Brich Hollow & Beaver Creek Lanes
SE Eden Park Neighborhood 10.12 45th Street & Antelope Creek Rd.
SE Edenton South Park Neighborhood 4 Ashbrook Circle & Stevens Ridge Rd.
SE Gapp Property Conservancy 13.67
SE Hamann Meadows Conservancy 8.34 S. 72nd St. & Pioneers Blvd.
SE Henry Park Neighborhood 7.01 S. 44th Street & Prescott Ave.
SE Holmes Park Regional 269.59 S. 70th Street & Normal Blvd.
SE Jensen Park Undeveloped 190.18 S. 84th Street & Yankee Hill Rd.
SE Larson Park Neighborhood 12.55 S. 54th Street & Woodland Ave.
SE Mendoza Park Neighborhood 0.3 Whitehall Land & Blackstone Rd.
SE Neighbors Park Neighborhood 4.3 S. 30th & D Streets
SE Pansing Park Neighborhood 9.3 S. 52nd & Van Dorn Streets
SE Phares Park Undeveloped 6.5 S. 84th Street & Glynoaks Dr.
SE Pine Lake Park Community 19.12 S. 60th Street & Pine Lake Rd.
SE Pocras Park Neighborhood 0.73 Bradfield Dr. & Sewell Street
SE Porter (Clare) Park Neighborhood 12 Brummond Dr. & Collister Road
SE Rickman's Run Dog Run 26 S. 70th Street & E of S. Holmes Park Road
SE Roberts Park Neighborhood 15.49 S. 56th & Sumner Streets
SE Roose Park Pocket 0.3 S. 52nd Street & Roose Ave.
SE Sunburst Park Mini 0.7 Sunburst Lane & Washington St.
SE Tierra/Briarhurst Park Community 123.3 S. 27th & Tierra - S. 37th & Carnelian
SE Trendwood Park Neighborhood 19.67 S. 77th & A Streets
SE Veterans Memorial Garden Garden/Plaza 2.5 Memorial & Veterans Drive; 3200 VM Drive
SE Williamsburg Park Neighborhood 10.56 S. 32nd & Raleigh Streets
SE Witherbee Park Pocket 0.6 S. 46th & O St.
SW 27th & South Park Pocket 0.1 S. 27th & South Streets
SW Bison Park Undeveloped 55 Coddington Ave. & W. Van Dorn
SW Breta Park Boulevard 0.52 S. 19th & A Streets
SW Coddington Park Neighborhood 9.66 S. of A Street on Coddington Ave.
SW Densmore Park Community 61.54 6701 S. 14th Street
SW Filbert Park Neighborhood 4.66 School House Lane & Clearview Rd.
SW Folsom Park Undeveloped 5
SW Gerbig Parcel Conservancy 17 1/3 Mile W. of S. 14th Street & Pine Lake Rd.
SW Glebe Property Conservancy 13 S. 2nd & South Streets
SW Hollingsworth Property Conservancy 14.81
SW Irvingdale Park Community 15.67 20th & Van Dorn Streets
SW Maple Lodge Park Pocket 0.2 S. 20th Street & Euclid Ave.
SW Marlene Park Mini 0.25 S. 20th Street & Marlene Dr.
SW Near South Park Mini 0.19 S. 19th & A Streets
SW Peach Park Mini 0.61 1425 Peach Street
SW Peterson (Erwin) Park Community 35.28 4400 Southwood Drive
SW Pierson Gardens Garden/Plaza 0.015 S. 33rd Street & Sheridan Blvd.
SW Pioneers Park Regional 279.7 S. Coddington Ave. & W. Calvert Street
SW Pioneers Park Nature Center Conservancy 668 Within Pioneers Park
SW Rudge Park Neighborhood 6 S. 20th & Van Dorn Streets
SW Sawyer Snell Park Community 88 S. 2nd & South Streets
SW Schaefer Tract Conservancy 61 Near Roca
SW Standing Bear Park Neighborhood 20.86 2400 Park Boulevard
SW Stransky Park Neighborhood 1 S. 17th Street & Harrison Ave.
SW Van Dorn Park Neighborhood 28 S. 9th & Van Dorn Streets
SW Vavrina Park Mini 0.25 S. 16th Street & Annette Lane
SW Wilderness Park Conservancy 1472.3 S. 1st - S. 27th Street / Van Dorn - Saltillo Rd.
SW Woodsdale Islands Boulevard 2.5 Woodsdale Blvd., 22nd to 27th Streets

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