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Parlamentet bild 3.JPG
The show's studio
Presented by Staffan Ling (1999)
Hans Rosenfeldt (2000–2003, one episode 2009)
Henrik Schyffert (2003–2004)
Pär Lernström (2011)
Anders S Nilsson (2004 - 2010, 2014-present)
Starring Henrik Dorsin, Anders Jansson, Henrik Schyffert, Magnus Betner, Mikael Tornving, Henrik Hjelt, André Wickström, Johan Glans, Johan Rheborg
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of series 23
Executive producer(s) Niklas Vestberg
Producer(s) Benjamin Thuresson
Location(s) TV4-huset Studio 1 (1999-2006), SVT Studios 2 and 4 (present)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Jarowskij
Original network TV4
Picture format 1999-2006: 4:3 576i
2007-: 16:9 576i
First shown in 1999-present
Related shows If I Ruled the World
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Parlamentet (Swedish for The Parliament) is a satirical panel gameshow on TV4, which parodies Swedish political debate. It was first broadcast in 1999 and is currently in its 23rd series. The current presenter is Anders S. Nilsson, who has hosted the show since 2004. Current team members include Babben Larsson, Robin Paulsson, Johan Rheborg and Johan Glans. Kodjo Akolor has also been featured.[1] The program is a Swedish version of the short-run British show If I Ruled the World.[2][citation needed] The comedians are divided into two teams (parties), red and blue, representing traditional political colours.


The show has had many producers over the years including Anders S. Nilsson, Gustaf Skördeman, Stefan Wiik and currently Benjamin Thuresson. The original 1999 panel consisted of Helge Skoog and Johan Wahlström in the blue party with Lasse Eriksson and Annika Lantz in the red party.[3]

Parlamentet was awarded the Kristallen award for best comedy in 2005[4] and Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet's TV prize for "Swedish program of the year" (2001–2004), "Entertainment program of the year" (2002–2004) and "Best comedy" (2005, 2007)[5][6]



Round Year introduced Participants Description
(The Spokesperson)
2009 The whole panel The panel roasts a guest, who then decides which team they thought were the funniest.
Aktuell rapport
(Topical report)
1999 The whole panel The comedians discuss current events that they have been made aware of in advance and have prepared jokes for.
A till Ö
(A to Ö)
2010 One team per show One team holds a discussion with the host, in which they must start each sentence with a subsequent letter of the alphabet until they reach the final letter, Ö, to win the round or hesitate, thus losing the round.
(The duel)
1999 One from each team One person from each team argues their case against each other. The host predetermines who is for and against the issue.
Ja och nej
(Yes and no)
2000 The whole panel The presenter asks quick-fire questions, which the comedians can not answer with yes, no or hesitate - otherwise they lose the round.
Klart man hänger med
(Up to date)
1999 Both teams The presenter asks each team questions, and they usually give a comically wrong answers.
(The Duel of Emotions)
2007 The whole panel/
One from each team
Comedians to discuss among themselves about a topic that the presenter gives them, sometimes one on one and sometimes with all four comedians involved. At the same time, they follow the prompts i.e. the "emotions" that pop up on the team screen.
Riksdagspartiernas politik
(Parliamentary party politics)
2010 Cecilia Forss Comedian Cecilia Forss goes around Stockholm City and makes fun of the parliamentary party politics, as well as interviewing a number of people.
(The standard phrase)
2006 The whole panel The comedians are given a phrase that they must begin all of their sentences with.
Tips från coachen
(Tips from the coach)
1999 One from each team The comedians improvise a discussion with the presenter whilst simultaneously following prompts on the screen on how to behave.
Utan att tveka
(Without hesitating)
2005 The whole panel The comedians follow prompts on their screen and are penalised for hesitation. This round is almost exactly the same as Känsloduellen.


Blue Party Red Party

Current members:[7]

Former members:

Current members:[8]

Former members:

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