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The Parliament of Bermuda is the bicameral legislature in the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda.[1] The two houses are:

  • The Senate which has 11 appointed members.

Originally, the House of Assembly was the only house in the legislature. It held its first session in 1620, making Bermuda's Parliament amongst the world's oldest legislatures. An appointed Privy Council originally performed roles similar to those of an upper house and of a cabinet.

A major constitutional change took place in 1968. The Legislative Council was replaced with an appointed Senate. Political parties were legalised, and universal adult suffrage adopted. The position of Premier was also introduced as leader of the ruling party, and an official opposition.

Latest results - House of Assembly[edit]

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Progressive Labour Party 20,059 58.89 24 +7
One Bermuda Alliance 13,832 40.61 12 -7
Independents 169 0.5 0 0
Total 30,862 100 36 0
Registered voters 46,669
Source: Parliamentary Registry


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