Parliament of La Rioja

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Parliament of La Rioja
Parlamento de La Rioja
La Rioja unicameral legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Unicameral
Seats 33
Composition of the Parliament of La Rioja.svg
Political groups

Government (15)

  •      PP (15)

Supported by (4)

  •      C's (4)

Opposition (14)

Length of term
4 years
Last election
May 24, 2015
Next election
Meeting place
Logroño - Parlamento de La Rioja 1.jpg
The entrance to the Parliament of La Rioja, housed in the former Monastery of La Merced in Logroño.

The Parliament of La Rioja (Spanish: Parlamento de La Rioja) is the unicameral autonomous parliament of La Rioja, one of the autonomous communities of Spain. The parliament, composed of 33 elected seats, is located the former Monastery of La Merced in Logroño, the capital city of La Rioja.

In the 2011 Riojan parliamentary election the People's Party (PP) won a majority with 20 seats.[1] They lost their majority in the 2015 Riojan parliamentary election, falling to 15 seats and being forced to rely on the abstention of C's deputies to continue as a minority government.

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