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Parliament of Queensland
Houses Legislative Assembly
John Mickel, Labor party
Since June 13, 1998
Seats 89
Meeting place
Parliament House, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Parliament of Queensland is the legislature of Queensland, Australia. According to the state's constitution, the Parliament consists of the Queen and the Legislative Assembly. It is the only unicameral state parliament in the country, the upper chamber, the Legislative Council, having been abolished in 1922. The Legislative Assembly sits in Parliament House in the state capital, Brisbane.

The Parliament was founded 22 May 1860, less than a year after the Colony of Queensland was created in June 1859.[1]

The Assembly has 89 'Members of Parliament' (MPs). These are intended to represent approximately the same population in each electorate. Voting is by the Optional Preferential Voting system (OPV). Elections are held approximately once every three years.

The role of the monarch in Parliament is to give the royal assent to legislation. This function is in practice exercised by the Governor of Queensland, who conventionally will never refuse assent to a bill that has passed the Legislative Assembly.

The party with the most seats in the house is invited by the Governor to form government.

The leader of that party subsequently becomes Premier of Queensland, leading a Cabinet of Ministers. Among the LNP, the Premier selects members of their party to act as Ministers. In the Labor Party, the Ministers are elected by partyroom ballot, with the Leader then assigning ministerial portfolios to each one.

Since 2003 live audio broadcasts have streamed through the Internet from the Parliament while it is in session. In June 2007 the Parliament started broadcasting video of parliamentary proceedings. There were 4700 connections in the first three days of audio and video broadcasting.[2]

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