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Parmatech specializes in Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), collectively known as Powder injection molding technology (PIM). Metal Injection Molding was invented and developed by Dr. Raymond E. Wiech Jr. the co-founder of Parmatech in the early 1970s but was not patented and adopted for manufacturing use until the 1980s.


Parmatech was founded in 1973 by Karl Zueger, Ray Wiech, Peter Roth and Ray Millet, in San Rafael, California.[1] Parmatech is credited with developing, commercialising and propagating the Powder injection molding technology which comprises Ceramic Injection Molding -CIM and Metal Injection Molding -MIM. In June 1972 Ray Wiech applied for a patent for a two-stage debind process [2] that was awarded on April 8, 1980 and Parmatech was given exclusive manufacturing and licencing rights.[1] In 1981 the original founders of the company separated, Ray Miller took a license to produce gun parts and established Millet Sights in Huntington beach, Peter Roth returned to Switzerland with a general licence and established Moldinject, and Ray Wiech established Witec in San Diego with a cross-license agreement with Parmatech, Karl Zueger remained as the president and Sole owner of Parmatech.[1] Adoption of the new technology was slow till 1979 when Parmatech won two of five awarded that year by MPIF. The first of the awards was for a 2 inch diameter ring shaped screw seal used Boeing 707 and 727 airlines as well as the German VFW 614 transport aircraft, the second award was for niobium-based alloy part used in a Rocketdyne rocket thrust system.[3] In 1986 Partmatech relocated to Petaluma, CA. In 1995 Carpenter Technology purchased Parmatech, Zueger retired at the time of the acquisition. In 2003 ATW Companies of Warwick, RI purchased Parmatech, the same year Parmatech invested in a custom feedstock mixing unit. Parmatech has continued to be an innovator in the Metal injection molding industry for 37 years and has been awarded 15 MPIF Awards.[3] The technology patented by Parmatech is today used by many companies around the world thanks to the decision to license the process to 12 companies.[3] As a direct result of licensing, Metal Injection Molding, MIM was able to spread around the world quickly and soon established itself as a serious commercial manufacturing method.


Industries served[edit]

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Aerospace/Defence
  • Tools
  • Machine parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Electrnics
  • Telecom prducts
  • Automotive
  • Computer components
  • Firearms - gun parts


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