Parola Tank Museum

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Parola Tank Museum
Parola Armoured Vehicle Museum Hattula Finland.jpg
Parola Armoured Vehicle Museum courtyard with the latest extension, Hall 2, on the left.
Parola Tank Museum is located in Finland
Parola Tank Museum
Location within Finland
Established 18 June 1961 (1961-06-18)
Location Parola, Finland
Coordinates 61°02′31″N 24°20′39″E / 61.04194°N 24.34417°E / 61.04194; 24.34417
Type Military museum
Public transit access Parola

Parola Tank Museum, officially Armoured Vehicle Museum (Finnish Panssarimuseo) is a military museum located 110 kilometres north of Helsinki in Parola, near Hämeenlinna, in Finland. It displays various tanks, armoured vehicles and anti-tank guns used by the Finnish Defence Forces throughout its history. A rare exhibit is an armoured train used in World War II. A few kilometers away from the museum is also the Armoured Brigade. The museum was opened June 18, 1961, when there were 19 tanks and 12 anti-tank guns on display.
Also Leopard 2A4, the latest tank in the Finnish Defense Forces is displayed.

Light tanks[edit]

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