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Type Flatbread
Place of origin India
Region or state South India
Main ingredients Maida flour, eggs, ghee or oil
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A parotta, porotta or barotta, is a layered flat bread of Kerala[1] and some parts of Southern India, notably in Tamil Nadu made from maida flour. This is a variant of the North Indian Lacha Paratha. Parottas are usually available as street food [2] and in restaurants across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and parts of Karnataka. At some places it is also served at weddings, religious festivals and feasts. It is prepared by kneading maida, egg (in some recipes), oil or ghee and water. The dough is beaten into thin layers and later forming a round spiralled into a ball using these thin layers. The ball is rolled flat and roasted. [3][4]

Kothu Parotta (Chicken) as served in Tamil Nadu, India
Tandoori Parota
Round spiralled ball of knead dough.

Usually, parottas are eaten with vegetable kuruma or chicken, mutton or beef saalna[5] (a spicy curry). Chilli parotta and Kothu Parotta are prepared using parottas.

An Indian chef beating knead dough into thin sheets.

Types of Parotta[edit]

Type Description
Coin Parotta A layered parotta made using Maida, Egg and Cooking Oil
Kerala/Malabar Parotta Same as Coin Parotta. Larger in size. This name is used in Kerala
Veechu Parotta Same as Coin Parotta. Larger in size. This name is used in Tamil Nadu
Poricha Parotta The dough is prepared the same way as coin parotta. However, after grilling the parotta in a pan, it is shallow fried in oil
Ceylon Parotta Two layered parotta usually with stuffing in between. Often rectangle in shape
Madurai Parotta Multi layered parotta, fluffy and soft. Favorite among residents of Madurai

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