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Parov Stelar
Parov Stelar 2017 by Jan Kohlrusch
Parov Stelar in August 2017, photographed by Jan Kohlrusch
Background information
Birth name Marcus Füreder
Also known as
  • Plasma
  • Cash Candy
  • Nola Grey
Born (1974-11-27) 27 November 1974 (age 43)
Origin Linz, Austria
Years active 1998–present
Labels Etage Noir Recordings

Marcus Füreder (pronounced Marcus fee-re-der) (born 27 November 1974) better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is an Austrian musician, composer, producer and DJ. His musical style is based on a combination of jazz, house, electro and pop. He is known as one of the pioneers of electro swing.[1]


Marcus Füreder first appeared as a DJ at nightclubs during the mid-late 1990s. He got involved in producing and publishing in 2000. Having released his first maxi singles on Bushido (still using his real name and his stage name Plasma), Füreder founded the record label Etage Noir Recordings in 2003.[2] A year later, now with the stage name Parov Stelar, the EP Kiss Kiss was immediately picked up by the influential Austrian radio station FM4. KissKiss, soon followed by the LP Rough Cuts, provided him with a breakthrough on the international electronic music scene.[3]

Parov Stelar was among the first who produced electronic swing music in Europe.[4] With his album Shine the BBC named Parov Stelar as one of the most promising producers active in Europe today.[5] His specific approach to music production, combined with a proven sense of sound aesthetics, led to a reaction from audiences and colleagues all around the world, giving him a reputation as the founder of a new genre: Electro Swing.[6]

With his subsequent albums (Seven and Storm (2005), Shine (2007), Coco (2009), The Princess (2012), The Invisible Girl (Parov Stelar Trio, 2013), The Art of Sampling (2013), the No. 1 album’s The Demon Diaries (2015), Live @ Pukkelpop (2016)), The Burning Spider (2017) and more than 20 EPs he was able to strengthen and even improve his status until today and he became the favorite of a huge fan community.[7]

In February 2004 he played his first show in the PlayStation theatre. In November 2005 Parov Stelar had his first appearance together with a Live-Band. This kick-started a huge live success with more than 700 live shows all around the world, e.g. sold out shows at PlayStation Theater in New York (back to back), Alexandra Palace in London, Zenith in Paris and Columbiahalle in Berlin. They played many major festivals like Coachella (US), Glastonbury (UK), Sziget (HU), Hurricane/Southside, Lollapalooza (DE), Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop (BE), Pinkpop (NL), Vieilles Charrues, Solidays (FR), NOS Alive! (PT), Zurich Open Air, Gampel Open Air, Gurten Festival (CH), Untold (RO), Frequency (AT) and co-headlined La Fete the L’Humanite in Paris in front of 100,000 people.[8]

2 sold out shows at PlayStation Theater in New York on November 6th and 7th 2015

The cast varies from the Parov Stelar Trio up to the full cast of the Parov Stelar Band consisting of Parov Stelar (Programming), Cleo Panther (Vocals), Marc Osterer (Trumpet), Sebastian Grimus (Saxophone), Jakob Mayr (Trombone), Michael Wittner (Bass/Guitar) and Willie Larsson Jr. (Drums).

Parov Stelar won 7 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards: Electronic/Dance (2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016), Album of the year for The Princess (2013), Best Live Act (2013 and 2014).[9][better source needed] Parov Stelar worked with Lana Del Rey,[10] Bryan Ferry, Marvin Gaye[11] and Lady Gaga.[12] He released ten albums, more than twenty EPs and sold more than 500,000 albums independently.[3] The track "Booty Swing" reached top chart positions in the electronic US and Canadian iTunes charts.[13] "All Night" reached Double Platinum Status for more than 100,000 tracks sold in Italy in May 2017[14] and in May 2018 the song "The Sun" featuring Graham Candy reached the No. 1 chart position in the US iTunes Electronic Charts.[15]

His tracks have been used on hundreds of compilations worldwide as well as in TV shows, TV series, movies and advertising spots which brought him international recognition.[16]

He is married to Barbara Lichtenauer, better known by her stage name Lilja Bloom, and the two have created many songs together, including "Step Two" and "Coco."



Year Album Details Peak chart positions
2001 Shadow Kingdom 2×12" Vinyl & CD, Bushido Recordings, as Plasma
2004 Rough Cuts CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2005 Seven and Storm CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2007 Shine CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2008 Daylight CD, Rambling Records
2009 That Swing – Best Of CD, Etage Noir Recordings 7
2009 Coco CD, Etage Noir Recordings 65 10
2010 The Paris Swing Box CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2010 La Fete CD, Etage Noir Recordings
2012 The Princess CD, Etage Noir Recordings 4 35 8 86 9
2013 The Invisible Girl
(Parov Stelar Trio)
CD, Etage Noir Recordings 18 4 40
2013 The Art of Sampling 2 CDs, 2 LPs, CD, DD Etage Noir Recordings, Island Records, Universal Music Germany 6 117 35 27
2015 The Demon Diaries CD, Etage Noir Recordings 1 93 8 1 9
2016 Live @ Pukkelpop CD, Etage Noir Recordings 9 89 64
2017 The Burning Spider CD, Etage Noir Recordings 1 49 23 9


  • 2001: Shadow Kingdom EP (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Plasma)
  • 2002: Lo Tech Trash (12" Vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2004: KissKiss (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Move On! (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Wanna Get (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2004: Primavera (12" Vinyl, Auris Recordings)
  • 2005: Music I Believe In (12" Vinyl, ~Temp Records, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2005: A Night in Torino (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2005: Spygame (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2006: Parov Stelar EP (12" Vinyl, Big Sur)
  • 2006: Charleston Butterfly (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: Jet Set EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Special)
  • 2007: Sugar (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2008: The Flame of Fame (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2008: Libella Swing (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2009: Coco EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2010: The Phantom EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2010: The Paris Swingbox EP (Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2011: La Fête EP (12" Vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2012: Jimmy's Gang EP (Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2014: Clap Your Hands (Etage Noir Recordings)


Year Single Peak chart positions Album / EP
2010 "The Phantom" 69 The Phantom EP
2012 "Jimmy's Gang" 43 Jimmy's Gang EP
"Nobody's Fool"
(featuring Cleo Panther)
60 The Princess
2013 "The Mojo Radio Gang" 72 Coco
"Keep on Dancing"
(featuring Marvin Gaye)
45 The Art of Sampling
2014 "All Night" 42 46
35 57 The Princess
"Clap Your Hands" 52 Clap Your Hands
"The Sun"
(featuring Graham Candy)
31 110 The Sun EP
2015 "Hooked on You"
(featuring Timothy Auld)
126 The Demon Diaries
2016 "When I Find My Love"
(as Stelartronic and Anduze)
2017 "Step Two"
(featuring Lilja Bloom)
The Burning Spider

Other singles

  • 2000: "Synthetica/Stompin' Ground" (12" vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2001: "Guerrilla" (12" vinyl, Bushido Recordings, as Marcus Füreder)
  • 2004: "Get Up on Your Feet" (12" vinyl, Sunshine Enterprises)
  • 2005: "Faith" (Maxi-CD, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: "Rock For/Love" (12" vinyl, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2007: "Shine" (Maxi-CD, Etage Noir Recordings)
  • 2017: "State of the Union" (featuring Anduze)
  • 2017: "Beauty Mark" (featuring Anduze)
  • 2018: "Taking Over" (featuring Krysta Youngs)
  • 2018: "Mambo Rap"

In popular culture[edit]

  • In 2016 the song "Clap Your Hands" was used in a TV Commercial[25] for the iOS and Android game Shuffle Cats.
  • In 2014 the song "Catgroove" was used in a TV commercial[26] for the Belgian telecom operator Proximus.
  • His song "All Night" was featured In a television commercial for Paco Rabanne Eau My Gold perfume.
  • His songs "All Night" and "Millas Dream" were used as soundtrack of Turkish motion picture İncir Reçeli 2.
  • His song "Chambermaid Swing" was featured in the Bacardi "The Party 1957" commercial in 2012. This was his first major exposure to the United States pop scene.
  • The Klingande remix of "The Sun" was featured in the video game Forza Horizon 3.
  • His track All Night from the album The Princess has been chosen for a TIM commercial (Telecom Italia Mobile) in 2017.[27]
  • The song All Night reached Double Platinum Status for more than 100,000 tracks sold in Italy in May 2017.[14]
  • Parov Stelar’s song The Princess has been chosen for the 2017 Lexus global brand campaign “Shift”.[28]
  • The song "The Sun" is featured in a 2018 advertisement for Transitions Lenses as part of their "Light Under Control" campaign.


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