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Parquets (パーキッツ) is the name of a two-person musical group consisting of the female Manami Fujino (藤野まなみ) singing and the male Tsugumi Kataoka (片岡嗣実) providing background music. Parquets has produced a number of songs for Konami's pop'n music music video game, as well as several albums including full versions of their songs on pop'n music. They have also produced opening themes for several Japanese animated series, including Bomberman Jetters and Mirumo de Pon (the full versions of these are usually released as singles and then find their way onto the next album). Their songs are mostly happy pop songs.

Songs produced for pop'n music[edit]

name genre premiered in
恋のシャレード (Love Charade) magical girl pop'n music 3
水中家族のテーマ (Underwater Family Theme) celt pop'n music 3
Over The Rainbow friendly pop'n music 4
HAPPY MUSIC sunny pop'n music 7
それから sky pop'n music 5 (console)
チェイス!チェイス!チェイス!(Chase! Chase! Chase!) fresh pop'n music 8
over the rainbow friendly live pop'n music 8
Filament Circus carol pop'n music 9
お天気とチョコレート (Weather and Chocolate) mode pop'n music 7 (console)
Ping×Pong×Dash skip pop'n music 10
さよならサンクチュアリ (Goodbye Sanctuary) voyage pop'n music 11
うぐいす (Nightingale) tweet pop'n music 9 (console)
恋する東京 tokyo roman pop'n music 12
メルト (Melt) melt pop'n music 13
つぼみ (Flower) pinkish pop'n music 15
アミュレット (Amulet) wish pop'n music 14 (console)
3・2・1→Smile! cheer-para pop'n music 16

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