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Music of Puerto Rico
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A (c. 1900 - 1915) Puerto Rican Cuatro
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Parranda, of Parranda de aguinaldo, is an Afro-Indigenous musical form played in various Caribbean countries including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Trinidad, and the coastal area of the states Aragua and Carabobo in Venezuela. The Garifuna style of parranda is performed with acoustic guitars, drums, scrapers, shakers, and turtle shell percussion in coastal villages of Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala.[1][2]

Puerto Rico[edit]

In Puerto Rico, parrandas (sometimes also called asaltos in Spanish; literally "assaults") are musical festivities in the Christmas season holidays.[3] They are also known as "trullas navideñas" and are associated with pride with customs of the traditional Puerto Rican jibaro. The traditional events have been likened to Christmas caroling, but the contents of the songs are secular rather than religious.[4] They are sometimes carried out in the evening, but most traditionally occur in the night, even into the wee hours of the morning.[5]

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