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Parrari or Parari was founded by Sher Mohammad Marri in the 1962. The Parrari resistance began in Marri tribal region and spread to other parts of Baluchistan. The Parraris had volunteers which ambushed convoys and raided Pakistani Military camps, which in answer Pakistani Army air bombardments civilians areas. The Parraris spread over 45,000 square miles (120,000 km2) which from Mengal tribals region Jhalawan to the Marri-Bugti country. General Tikka Khan, also known as "Butcher of Balochistan", was appointed by the Pakistan Government as commander of Baluchistan. The Parraris continued fighting until 1969, when General Yahya Khan sued Parrari commanders for a cease-fire but some members were not happy about the cease-fire demands and they established new front BPLF. The Parraris were, for the most part viewed with suspicion.


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