Parris Cues

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Parris Cues
Industry Sports equipment
Founded London, UK (1984 (1984))
Founder John Parris
Headquarters London, UK
Products Snooker & Pool Cues, Cases & Accessories

Parris Cues are a snooker cue maker headquartered in London. Founded in 1984, the company was started by John Parris as an evolution of a keen interest in Snooker, and the need for maintenance and repair of his own cue.

Parris Cues products are exclusively produced at the company’s Forest Hill, London, UK workshop. The company sells its Cues worldwide to players of all cue sports.[1] The first notable major cue repair was performed in 1987, when Steve Davis‘s cue snapped at the ferrule, whilst playing in the Rothman’s Grand Prix. It was decided the best option for repair, whilst maintaining the cues balance, and therefore playability, was to extend the butt by the same length lost from the tip, but this meant sawing the famous cue in snooker in two.[2]

Parris Cues have been used by professional players including Ronnie O’Sullivan, Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Stephen Maguire, John Higgins & Neil Robertson.[3]


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