Parrs Wood High School

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Parrs Wood High School
Sports hall.jpg
Motto "Believe Achieve Succeed"
Established 1967
Type Community
Headteacher Mark McElwee [1][2]
Deputy Headteacher Claire Wright
Location East Didsbury
Greater Manchester
Local authority Manchester
DfE number 352/4248
DfE URN [3] 143260[3] [3] Tables
Ofsted [3] Reports
Staff 250
Students 1838[4]
Gender co-educational
Ages 11–18
Colours Navy blue and silver
Website School website

Parrs Wood High School is a state comprehensive secondary school in East Didsbury, Manchester, England, behind Parrs Wood Entertainment Complex off Wilmslow Road. It educates young people through the ages of 11 to 18 years; A-Levels are taught at the Parrs Wood Sixth Form Centre, which is integrated with the main school. Parrs Wood was the 4th largest school in the UK in 2008,[5] with 2,030 students and 450 in the sixth form centre.

In 2015, the governors of Parrs Wood decided to embark on the process of turning the school into an academy, despite opposition from staff and local politicians.[6]

The building[edit]

The original school building, built in 1967, was demolished in 2000 and was rebuilt from scratch on a site behind the original school; the contractors built the school building in exchange for a portion of the school grounds on which to build an entertainment complex.[7]

Sixth form[edit]

Parrs Wood Sixth Form Centre is part of the school campus. It opened in 2000 after the rebuilding of the main school. The centre is located in a grade 2 listed building independent from the main school.


In 2007, an Ofsted inspection showed the school to be lacking in several areas, particularly in KS3 SAT results, and criticised the School management for failure to act to remedy the situation. The report reflected that this situation was unacceptable and the school was placed in special measures. In February 2010, OFSTED judged the school to be satisfactory and as such no longer required special measures.[8]

In its most recent inspection,[9] the school was graded as Grade 2 - Good.


In May 2007, a canister of CS gas was discharged in the science area of Parrs Wood, which resulted in 58 students and staff being taken to hospital. The incident was described by Greater Manchester Police as an "idiotic prank".[10]

In 2012, Judge Peeling QC, found against the governing body of the school in a Judicial Review of a decision to suspend one of the governors.[11]

The school is directly opposite a branch of Grosvenor G Casinos in the Parrs Wood entertainment centre complex. Members of Manchester council’s planning committee originally rejected the plans to build the casino after Didsbury residents objected due to a possible negative effect on the livelihood of pupils at the school: students would have to walk past the casino on a daily basis in order to attend.[12] Despite the original rejection, Grosvenor G Casinos were granted planning permission in March 2011. The Parrs Wood branch has been open as of June 2012.[13]

Notable former pupils[edit]



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